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How to use your business card as a marketing tool

Some business owners do not realize the impact that their business card can have on their marketing. Your business card can be a highly effective marketing tool that draws both potential customers and other key contacts to your business. If you are just sitting your business card in a holder at your business then you are not fully utilizing its potential as a marketing tool. There are a number of different ways that you can use your business card to help you market. Here is what you need to know about how to use your business card as a marketing tool-

- Pass them out everywhere-The first step to using business cards in your marketing is to pass them out everywhere. This can be the best way to not only let people know what you do but where they can reach if they are interested in your business and what it offers. You should never overlook an opportunity to pass out a business card. Whether you are standing in line at the bank or attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting you should have plenty of business cards ready to hand out. Savvy business owners see every opportunity to network in an assertive but not an aggressive way.
- Have a unique business card-The reality is that just about everyone and every business has business cards. This means that you will need to do something extra special to make yours stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that most business cards are blank on the other side so you can use this space to do something that is totally unique and will have the recipient remembering you for long time to come. Best of all, personalizing your business cards in a unique way is one of the most cost effective marketing tools that you have.
- Ask local businesses to hand them out-One of the ways to increase the marketing power of your business cards is to try and get other businesses to hand them out for you. It can be useful to place your business cards in other businesses where you may have customers in common. In addition, there are often many different public notice boards where you can post business cards. You should never overlook any place that you can legally post a business card (even if it's only one). You never know what type of leads this can generate for every little money and effort.
- Include a business card in all outgoing mail-There should never be an outgoing piece of mail that leaves your business without a business card tucked into it. Train your employees that whenever they are sending something out they must include a business card. Even if you are sending payment for a bill you should include a business card. If you are sending out thank you notes to customers or any other type of correspondence then it should have a business card inside. Finally, it is crucial that you make sure that you include your contact information in your email signature as well since this will be like an e-business card.
- Give someone a reason to hold onto it-The bottom line is that most people get a lot of business cards. In order to get yours noticed you will need to give your recipient a reason to hang onto it. This is fairly easy to do. You can print something on the back of your business card such as: important industry information, a calendar, or anything else that is relevant to what your business does and offers. You can also print a coupon on your business card which gives the recipient a real reason to use it.

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