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Simplify complexity

If you can simplify something that is confusing or complex to your consumers, you will have market share. This is why companies like GoDaddy have grown so substantially, they offer something complex in nature to consumers in an easy to use, simple format, allowing even the least technologically savvy person to own and operate a webpage. If your business is struggling to keep its head above water, consider making something you do or offer easier for the consumers. Here is a look at a few places you could simplify:

1. Simple customer support- One number, no transfers. No one likes dealing with an automated system, or having to press 2, then press 1, then press 6, then press 2, etc. If they have a question or a problem, they want to be able to pick up the phone, have it ring, and then be connected to the right person right away. No transfers, no number punching. A good way to do this is assign each department a different phone number. If they need technical support they call one number, if they need order assistance another, etc. The easier you make reaching customer service, the better off your business will be.

2. Simplified, user-friendly products or services- no instruction manual needed. The easier it is for a consumer to go from purchase to use, the better. Set up, installation, assembly, and other similar words often detract customers from making a purchase. They are busy, they want something that does not take time, energy, or effort to begin using. Simplify your products and services so that there is little set up time, consumers want to use what they get immediately.

3. Free help, that is easy to use. If you want to grab a customer's attention, then offer them a nice feature such as free help. It can be online or on the phone. It can be during certain hours, but the point is, if they need help to use your product or service, they shouldn't have to pay to get it. That makes using your product or service much more difficult for them, and makes them wonder why they should bother buying it if it will cost them extra in case they get stuck or need assistance.

4. Dedicated sales, customer service, and support teams. The people you have in place should be the right people to help, so that customers do not get juggled around. If they want to upgrade, there should be a department just for this. If they talk to a sales rep on the floor of your retail space, that sales rep better know their stuff. No one wants to wait around while you try and locate the right guy to answer their questions. Have highly trained, specialized departments, so that they get the right person to solve their problems EVERY time.

The easier you make their problem, and the simpler the use, the more you will sell!

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