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Teaming up with a compelling cause

There is often nothing more inspiring and attracting to users than a crusade or cause. If you can link yourself with a compelling cause, you will often gain support and customers where there were none before. However, like all marketing strategies, there are pitfalls to this. If you are not really committed to it, and consumers figure that out, or get wind of it, you could really be in trouble. Consider the following:

Does your product allow you to team up with a compelling cause? For example, can you offer something that is good for the environment? Can you offer something that supports a commonly supported cause such as breast cancer awareness or muscular dystrophy? Look at your product or service and determine what cause would make sense and fit what your company already stands for and offers the general public.

Going green, or other environmental causes are often the easiest to team up with. However, if you decide to promote yourself as a green option, you better make sure your manufacturing, bottling, and labeling, etc. all coincide with this. No one is going to take you seriously if your product itself is green, but you pollute the environment when creating it.

Free trade or other labor causes are also a great way to get people behind you. Another is to stay local, supporting local growers and businesses. Basically, find a niche, find something you can use to make your business more compelling.

If your consumers believe that you are not acting in good faith, this marketing plan can backfire on you, and the damage might be substantial. If you appear the hypocrite, both those on the side of the cause, and the detractors of the cause will unite against you. This can not only damage your reputation, but significantly decrease your market share. What does this mean to you? It means as you create a marketing plan that uses a compelling cause, make sure it is one your business will actually be committed to, and one that you take seriously, because if you don't, chances are the public is going to find out, and your marketing efforts will not just fail, but could cause some real damage.

Whether it is feeding orphans in Africa, promoting research for cancer cures, helping families be more frugal, protecting the environment, or something completely different, if you can team up with a compelling cause, and really get behind it with your company, those behind the cause, will often become your new customer base, and can help spread the word, and make you a more attractive option for purchase of product or services. People like to support a good cause, so if they know that by eating out at your place, they will also be helping to stock the local shelter for homeless, they are more likely to pick you over a competitor.

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