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How much time do you spend on social media?

overworkedwoman23649135.jpgDo you spend too much time on social media sites or are you not paying enough attention to them? You need to create a list that allows you to properly balance your time so you can see just where your time is going. This helps you to create better social media campaigns and it will be able to help you generate a stronger online presence for your company.

Since there are so many social media sites out there, it can be really confusing and even frustrating to try and manage all of them. So what can you do? Take a look at programs and sites that make it easier to manage. Twitter and Facebook both have programs that allow you to combine your marketing efforts so that you only need to reply once and the information will be posted on both sites. Take a look at Hootsuite as it is designed to help you manage your Twitter campaign better.

To make sure you are devoting enough time to your social media campaign, task some of the work to another employee. You can focus on the messages that are sent to the RSS feeds but you should have an employee focus on replying to the direct messages you get. They can also go in and add people and accept requests to the account because this really can start to take up a lot of time.

Social media doesn't just stop with Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget about the importance of using other social media platforms like blogs. A blog is highly valuable to your company as you have a chance to post opinionated information and you can also post replies to questions. Blogs also help you to build links since you can comment on other sites and leave a link back to your website. It's a simple way to generate the right type of response you need for your website as Google will reward you for having a site that has multiple links.

A big part of the online marketing world comes down to timely information. How quickly are you replying to information and questions that your customers are posting? You need to keep in touch with your customers and you need to stay on top of information pertaining to your industry. Google Alerts provides you with a great opportunity to get in touch with your customers as you will get automatic alerts when keywords and other things are being used. You will get an email from Google, which you can task to your marketing team to worry about as they can head to the website and read the information that your customers are also reading and reply to it.

Online marketing is all about linking. Twitter is big on linking as you have people re-tweeting information and linking it back to the original profile. You need to also spend some time working on linking pages with your social media campaign. To make linking effective, you need to pick the right landing pages to use. The landing page must be filled with valuable content that your customers will desire to read. A bad landing page can ruin your ability to acquire a sale and it can make it impossible to get additional people to click on it.

Use Twitter and Facebook to help with links but do not only focus on them as you also need to work on linking with other places as well. Remember to post comments with links on blogs as this will help and you should also focus on writing articles and other things that will be able to provide you with additional links back to your website.

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