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What's wrong with your targeted mailing campaign?

womanpondering16341449.jpgA targeted mailing campaign allows you to bring in a lot of revenue in a short time frame. Targeted mailing campaigns are typically sent to your customers that are already "sold" on your products and services. If you are sending out a nice mailer to your customers that should be buying your products and you aren't getting a good response, it's time to take a look at what you are doing wrong with your targeted mailing campaign.

Your Mailing list
The biggest problem with your targeted mailing campaign can come down to your mailing list. Are you sending out the mailing pieces to individuals that haven't purchased from your company in years? Are they even interested in purchasing your products and services anymore? Don't buy a mailing list because it really is a waste of money. These mailing lists are too broad and many times you have too much information on the mailing list to justify using it. Not only are these lists expensive and broad, a lot of them also have other issues attached to them like stipulations pertaining to how many times you can use the list or they will send it to you as sticky mailers so you will need to input all the names into your database. If you want a mailing list, you need to make sure you are choosing reputable companies to purchase or rent it from in order to get the best names and to avoid spending too much money on it.

Poor Content

What else causes you to lose customers and to not get a response with your campaign? Have you taken the time to really review your ad copy? What are you saying in the ad and why do you think your customers will find this information relevant and insightful? You need to research your audience and know exactly who you are talking to in order to present the information to them correctly and to catch their eye. Remember to think like the customer whenever you are focused on sending out information that will generate a response from them. Always watch the content and the spelling. If you aren't spelling things correctly, it can ruinyour campaign and it will also hurt your reputation.

Visual Appeal

While content can help to draw them into the ad, you have to focus on the visual appeal of the marketing piece. Is it attractive and is it organized well? If your customers aren't attracted to it, the marketing piece is going into the trash. You need to spend plenty of time working on the visual appeal and to ensure it is going to bring in the right response. What are some of the things that make the ad visually appealing to you? Focus on slogans, titles, and words that need to pop out of the ad and will be attractive to the customer.One problem small businesses face with marketing pieces is that they have so much information to include that it makes the ad look very busy. You need to make sure it is clean and crisp and not confusing to read. If it is too busy, your customers aren't going to read it.

The Purpose
What is the entire point of the ad? What is your "call to action?" You must be able to define the purpose of the ad in order to get people to read the ad and to respond to it. If you aren't putting a call to action in there, they may read it and then toss it because they don't know what they need to do about it.

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