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How to attract new customers using old methods

stocks23289495.jpgBringing in new customers is an important part of developing strong revenue stream for your company. New customers also help your company to gain more publicity and they can bring with them a handful of referrals. This is great for your sales team as they will actually have something to do! The one thing to know is that while new customers are great, you should never forget your existing customers.Over 80% of your sales come in from your existing customers! This shows that you have to take time to foster your relationships with them and to take the time to let them know how much you appreciate them in your life.

Potential customers must be acted upon quickly. If you aren't calling people soon after they send you inquiries and other things, you can lose them. You want to get to know the new customers when they are still interested in your company and want to learn more about your company. If you are getting potential customers from your existing customers you will want to let them know that their friend or family member is the person that gave you their name.

How is your website working to build up relationships with your customers? When you cannot talk to your customers and you cannot be there to answer their questions, you want to have a good website that can stand in for you. Turn to methods that will be able to make the customers happier and feel your trust and respect, which is typically adding a chat sidebar to the website so they can always have an agent to talk to. When your business hours are closed, have an email contact form and answer the emails as soon as you get back into the office. What about a frequently asked questions page? This is another great tool that will be able to strengthen your relationship with your customers and it can really help you to get your customers interested in your company.

You have to hold your customers interest, which can sometimes be a big challenge. If your website is boring and it isn't very big, why will people want to look at it? If your catalog is small or your shopping cart only has a couple products, will anyone even want to take the time to look? You must remember what it is like to be a customer and create a website that is interesting to you. Surveys can help you out as you can talk to your customers and get their opinion to know what they like and don't like.

Are you really speaking to your customers? You need to provide them with blogs, articles, and other things that your customer really wants to read in order to make them happy with the company. Take the time to learn about your customers and to always place yourself in their shoes to make things tailored around them.

Small business owners need to be patient and they need to build up their business one customer at a time. You aren't going to have a large customer base right off the bat and you need to provide them with valuable customer service so they will want to come back for repeat service.

Customers that are unhappy can be a cancer to your business as they will tell others about the poor customer service skills you have and they will talk about the mistakes you make. They will have a great influence over others as they will discourage others from doing business with your company and it will hurt and destroy your ability to get new customers.

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