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Who's in your small business corner?

paper30393362.jpgWhen it comes to running a successful small business, you need to have strong support. Who is backing up your small business and helping you defend it when there is an untruthful marketing message sent out about your company? You need to have other companies to rely on that will build up your image and help you deliver the right message to your customers. How can you help these companies? You need to be there for them as well when their reputation goes through the ringer and they are in need of others to defend them.

Who is financing your business? Are you being financed by a bank or investors? Whoever is behind the money to get your business up and running is going to be one of your biggest allies. If you have taken a major blow to your image, turn to them to help you talk to your customers and to set the record straight. They want you to do well since their money is part of your business as well. Ask them to drop a positive note about your company when they are dealing with large public events. When people see that credible and trustworthy companies are behind you, it can help to reduce their worry and concern.


Your staff is right up front with the customers and they need to be sold on the company. They will defend you many times from customer attacks. Training the customers on what they need to say and how they can rebuild trust with the customers will offer them confidence. Factual information will really help them out and so will your support. Your employees can get badgered by upset customers and if you notice someone getting in a heated discussion with your staff; intervene as soon as you can. It shows the employees that you support them and that they deserve respect too.


To help your image rebound; why not ask your friends and others for help. Forming partnerships with other companies is a great way to work on a bad image. This is why some small businesses approach larger corporations to work out some type of advertising deal. Putting your name with a big company that people frequently visit helps you market to new customers and it helps you to rebuild a bad image.Just remember when you are asking for help, you need to be ready to return the favor to your customers.

Press Releases
Use the power of the media to help your company. When you have a bad review, confront the person if it is a lie. Ask the media to print a retraction and ask them to include accurate information. Sometimes the media can get sloppy with their fact checking skills and they aren't always happy to hear this. You need to help keep them honest with their reporting and calling them out if they have done a bad job is a great way to do this. Release a press release to the media that is informative and can help to repair an image that has gone through bad times.

As you work to rebuild trust with your customers, you need to keep marketing. It can take a year or more for people to come back to you and to trust you again. By marketing you will be able to show people you are committed to excellence and you are committed to making them happy again. Respond to social media messages left on your site and always respond to emails from your customers because it does let them know you are happy to have them as customers and that they are really important to your company.

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