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Making a name for yourself

discussion8075165.jpgThere are millions of small businesses out there and not all of them will survive. Many of them will declare bankruptcy in the first year. If you can make it past the first year and continue to focus on strengthening your relationships with your customers, you can start to make a name for yourself in your industry and to build a great customer base.

How can you make a name for yourself? You will need to first work on the way in which you talk to your customers. Building relationships with your customers is an important part of having a good reputation. People that have positive interactions will have a desire to spread the word about your company to their friends and others. They will see that you are a trustworthy and reliable company and it makes it that much easier for them to have a desire to work with you.

Blogging and writing informative articles is another way to make a name for yourself. People will see that you are very knowledgeable in your industry and it makes it a lot easier for them to see that you are the company to turn to when they want answers to questions. What makes blogging so great is that you have complete control over it. You can also acquire companies to post ads on your website and this helps you to make money. Just make sure the ads are not spam because it can hurt your reputation as customers see that you are just using the blog to make money and not to provide value to them.

Always pay attention to your customers and never ignore their emails. Even the customers that are hard to deal with and critical to your company need to be paid attention to. They can become a cancer to your company as they voice their opinion to others and they can have a bad influence on your other customers and even your potential customers.

White papers can also help you to build up your reputation. White papers are factual and informative information that some of your customers might actually pay to read. You will be able to establish yourself and your company as the expert in the industry and you can use them to replace those expensive brochures and other things that you have been using. If you have a new whitepaper to publish, you need to inform your customers. Email messages and direct mail campaigns can help you spread the word and generate a positive response from your customers.

Look for conferences and events where you can make your voice heard. Submit information that can land you the role of being the keynote speaker. It's a wonderful way to acquire the complete attention of your audience and even your competitors. It will get people to pay attention and it will help you show others that you do know what you are talking about.

Offer workshops that your customers can attend to learn new information pertaining to your industry or to come and share their opinions with you. This provides you with a great opportunity to build relationships and to earn the respect of your customers and many other experts in your industry.

Video blogs are another thing you should look into. They will allow you to strengthen your presence online and with your customers as you are able to demonstrate products and services to them. People can actually see you and will have a stronger connection to your company as they see that you are real. This can build trust and it can help to calm the worries a lot of people have about your company and trusting a person they have never met.

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