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The web influencers and what they mean for your business

laptop30347367.jpgWho are the web influencers and what can they do for your small business? Social media is the most popular web influencer and bloggers are also right at the top of the list. You have already heard about Twitter and facebook and how they allow you to acquire market research information along with other information that can help your business. They can build new relationships with customers that you may not have even knew existed and they can help you to get your name out there.

People use social media sites multiple times a day and if you have a great offer, they are going to pass it along to their friends. Social media is vital to your online marketing campaign and if you haven't joined you better join now!

You have a blog, or at least let's hope you have a blog. Bloggers start to earn trust and respect of a lot of people and before you know it what the blogger says will go to your niche market. If they have a bad review of your products or company, it will hurt you. The bloggers are the people that are always online and they are the people that are the know-it-alls. They can drive you absolutely insane but you have to pay attention to them no matter how hard you want to get rid of them. The good thing is, if you get on the side of the blogger they are going to grow your business. They can introduce your business to hundreds of new contacts and this is really going to help your sales team close some big deals. They are incredibly valuable to your company because of how many people they can reach. A lot of small businesses are referring to bloggers as the "Oprah effect" as you have seen how many times her opinion has influenced buying decisions and lifestyle choices of millions of people.

The other web influencers are the people that set trends. This could be professional actors and athletes. They often use Twitter to voice their opinion and as much you may not like it, they could be talking about you. Keep your eye on the trendsetters and the influence they have over your customers if you want to stay in business. This is why Twitter is so valuable to your business because they can really help your company too by mentioning your name you can easily get 5,000 new people to learn about your business.

News media is always someone that needs to be on your watch list. News media controls a number of things and they are often read by the highest number of online followers. Press releases you send out have to be timely and they have to peak the interest of reporters if you are going to get your customers to read them and to get them interested in your company. Write the press release from the viewpoint of a professional reporter and always have a headline that grabs their attention off the bat.

Your customers are the other individuals that have a large influence over your business. Review sites are critical to small business owners, especially those that are providing a product like food-related products. You need to read up on the review sites and make sure the information is accurate. Respond to it if there are negative reviews and you feel they warrant an explanation. People do take reviews seriously and one bad experience can impact 100 potential customers. This is why we are always stressing the importance of quality customer interactions and putting your best employees on the front lines.

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