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Careers in Information Technology

If you want to work in an industry that literally has job security for life, the career field of Information Technology is for you. IT is a growing field and it is one that will allow you to do a lot and will help you to make yourself marketable and available for a number of other companies. The one thing to know about IT is that it is a very broad industry so if you want to make a good living you really do need to narrow down your options in order to make yourself into a success. You have a lot of various positions that are out there and they can all differ. Find your niche and know what you are good at if you want to become successful with a career in IT.

With any IT job you will need to acquire additional certification every so often. This is the best way to know people are keeping up with the new information that is released and to know they can work within the design perimeters and other things. As long as they are able to do this, acquiring the IT job or keeping the one you have will be easy. Most of the people working in IT are moving up from a B.S or B.A. degree and they are now pursuing a M.S. degree in computer engineering. This is a smart move as it does make you much more marketable to the company and it also helps you to acquire knowledge on the different areas of IT so you know which areas in which you would like to work.

Software Engineering
This is a very popular area of IT. It includes a starting salary range of $50 to $60 thousand but you do need to come with a Bachelors degree and to also be able to have a Masters degree if you hope to move up to managerial positions with the company. Software engineers need to know a lot about coding, program code, link application modules, and many other things. The more experience you have the more money you can demand and the easier it will be for you to move up to a senior level.

Web Developer
This career field is great because you can start your own business someday if you are good at it. Companies need web developers in order to help them create better websites and attract more customers. A web developer will learn a lot about HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and Flash. You can expect a salary of $40,000 to $60,000 when you are getting started but you can easily command more money if you create an effective website and you learn about SEO marketing. This will really help you to become versatile and to create websites that are user friendly but also loved by the search engines as well.

Database Administrator
This IT professional will be in charge of the development and management of databases. These databases will include valuable information about the company and will be the main operating procedures and programs used for the company. It is important to know how to create these database programs and to create backups often so valuable information is not lost. The database administrator job will earn you about $70 to $95 thousand per year.

System Administrator
The system administrator will test and create data communication systems. They will be over the LAN network for the company and will focus on getting the computer systems up and running properly. Many people will refer to them as "IT Support" for the company as they do all the small tasks of installing software, updating hardware, and managing the peripherals of a computer.

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