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The pros and cons of Mac computers

Today, there have never been more choices available, for anyone who is looking to purchase a computer. From online stores, to computer giants, you can virtually find a computer, for every budget and function and imaginable. However, this wide choice of computers can often make buying one, overwhelming and confusing. It is important to take the time to do the needed research, so that you are fully happy with the computer you end up with. Generally, most people start with one of the biggest classifications of computers, PC or Mac. Understanding and knowing what each type of computer can and cannot do, will help you to determine what you are looking for in a computer. Here is what you need to know about the pros and cons of Mac computers-

Despite the rising popularity of Mac computers, they still remain "the new kid in town". Many users still prefer to use PC's over the new and unfamiliar Mac. However, statistics show that the buying choices of computer users are changing. Macs are quickly becoming the computer choice, for a whole new generation of computer users, especially those that are seeking out features that may not be readily available on a PC. In addition, Macs have many easy to use "creative" features that PC's have not yet fully integrated.

  • The benefits of the Mac-A quick browse of any online computer site will show you the comments of many enthusiastic Mac users who are trying to convert PC users to switch over. One of the main reasons behind this is that many users feel that the Mac is much easier to learn and use. In addition, others love the Mac because every component is made by Apple. This means that unlike your PC which could be made by even dozens of vendors, every part in your Mac is made by them. This means that there is only one phone necessary to get in tech support or information about your computer. Whoever your contact will know automatically what machine you are talking about and this eliminates the need for research that often results, when troubleshooting a PC. This is especially important if you are going to be using Macs in your business. Another benefit that is widely touted by Mac users is that these computers are less likely to be affected by viruses. However, it should be pointed out that because there are less Macs being used, there are less viruses that are being written to infect them. However, this does make the security much better, for Mac computers that are being used in a business setting. In addition, Macs are known for their modern design. If you are purchasing computers to add the aesthetics of your office, this may be a factor, you want to consider. Finally, many people choose a Mac because of the peripherals that come already built in. While this may be more a personal choice, it can also affect a business computer buying decision as well.

  • The downsides to the Mac-One of the benefits of using a Mac are also the downfall. While you may like having to only contact Apple if there is a problem, keep in mind that if you need a part, you will have to buy it from them, for whatever price they offer it for. While you can shop around, for prices and repairs, for your PC, with the Mac, there is only one vendor. It is also important to keep in mind that most often Macs are considerably more expensive then a PC. While they do have a modern and cool image, keep in mind that you are paying for that. Finally, if you are buying a Mac, for a business use, keep in mind that you may additional expense training employees to use the Mac.

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