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The new Magic trackpad and what it means for Apple

Are you constantly on your computer? Are you either working or exploring the internet?When we use our computer daily, we find what we do like and what we don't like about our computers.There are options that will help us achieve what we are trying to do and other options that can hold us back.There are also different types of software that we can purchase.But why spend all that time and money when you can buy something as simple as the Magic trackpad from Apple.

The Magic trackpad is the first multi-touch trackpad designed to work with your desktop computer.You will be able to use all of your current features; you can even add more features, when using the Magic trackpad.Your computer won't be changing just the way you point, click and play, it will change how your work with your computer.The Magic trackpad has been set up for you to use with ease.As you go thru different websites on the internet, it will be like you are holding a magazine or a book and simply turning the pages.With that type of ease, you will be able to get your work done faster and have the benefit of more time using your computer for enjoyment.

With the Magic trackpad being the largest multi-touch trackpad available, you will be able to get rid of your small mouse.With the wear-resistant glass surface, your fingers will do the work.As your fingers slide across the Magic trackpad, you will be able to click on what you want to look at and double click on anything you want to view.Using the multi-touch trackpad, you will not have to click on one spot.With the size of the Magic trackpad, the whole surface is a button that you can click.No more moving a mouse around and picking the mouse up to re-position it.All you need it your hand to move your fingers to what you want to view.

As mentioned before, your Magic trackpad is large enough to use as your mouse.You will be able to click on anything you want to view.You just have to touch the surface once or twice, depending if you need to double click anything, your object will appear for you to view.You will also be able to scroll with the Magic Trackpad.Use two of your fingers and brush the surface in any direction; this will scroll the object you are viewing.You can scroll horizontally, vertically and diagonally.One thing the Magic trackpad will allow you to do that a mouse will not is to Swipe.To swipe, you will have to use three fingers to brush left and right along the surface of your Magic trackpad.This will move your page forward and back or up and down.The last option your Magic trackpad will allow you to do is Rotate.Place your thumb and index finger on the surface of the Magic trackpad and twist clockwise or counter clockwise.This action will rotate your image in the direction you have told it to.

With all of these different options the Magic trackpad gives you, the more possibilities you have.Get your Magic trackpad today by visiting and Apple store or going online.The Magic trackpad will help you with your work, your personal life and exploring on the internet.It will also help your children learn how to use the computer.Being up to date on the technology will give you and your family the knowledge you need to continue growing with society.Don't hold yourself and your family back, experience the Magic trackpad now.

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