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Plastic spintronic computer memory device

concernedman19185284.jpgJust about every computer company is seeking new solutions that will allow them to develop better computers using less plastic and other things. Spintronics is working on a few new solutions that you may find impressive, one of which is the plastic computer spintronic computer memory. What does the plastic spintronic computer memory device do? It needs less power for one because it is being charged by the spin of the electron charge.

So what makes the spintronic device so unique? Not only do you need to avoid using a lot of power for your computer, the spin will make it much faster. You will be able to store a lot of data, which is even higher from traditional computer systems. The spin also requires less space and it can process the data much faster, allowing you to get the information you need in a timely manner.

Even though using plastic computer memory services seem a little different, they do work. Right now they are being tested at Ohio State University and they are working. So what is the device exactly? It's a very thin strip of dark blue organic-based magnet layers with a metallic ferromagnet and then connected by a couple electrical leads. If that sentence made no sense to you, don't worry because most of us don't really know what that means. In layman's terms, the plastic device can actually record data on it and the spin of the device allows you to pull data off it. This is a huge breakthrough as recording on plastic was something that was considered "out there" and not something that could ever be accomplished.

The spins are controlled by the electrons that have a magnetic field to them. If you have ever placed magnets close to one another, you understand how they can "pull" and will move around the device. Imagine that pull of the magnet inside a computer memory device and you have a small glimpse as to how the spin process works.

What makes the plastic spintronic computer memory device great is that it has been created using organic materials. The materials can be completely recycled as well, which is opening more doors to have recyclable computers someday. Having multiple parts to recycle are found in a lot of computers but the option to have a complete computer to recycle is revolutionary.

How does the plastic spintronic computer memory device compare to others? A traditional computer encodes data based on a series of binary codes. These codes are made up of ones and zeros and it's based on whether or not an electron is found within the material of the magnetic pull. The goal researchers have is to utilize the same type of pull method that a normal magnet has by polarizing the electrons. The plastic device doesn't write the data as the way it is in normal computers. The data is written during the spin. What this means for you is that the data that is stored will be easier to retrieve and there will be twice as much data stored in the computer system than you can find with existing computer memory devices.

Not only is this going to be great for a computer system, its great for the users. Cell phones and other wireless technology devices are needed to keep fueling the dire and need many people have. Packing chips together as tight as possible is one of the things designers are doing to try and strengthen cell phones and other devices.

Spintronics is one of the only technology companies that is taking strides to improve the speed and ability computers are currently working at.

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