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Tablet computers are the new craze

If you haven't heard of the iPad and other tablet computers, it's time to come out of your cave and get back in touch with the latest and greatest technology. The iPad and the Dell streak are both revolutionizing the way in which we keep in touch with pertinent information.

The Apple iPad
The Apple iPad allows you to take YouTube, iTunes, eBooks, and many other great things with you wherever you go. The ability to catalog thousands of your favorite books and have any of them available with just a touch of your finger is definitely amazing. However if you just want books, look into the Amazon Kindle instead as it is cheaper and doesn't have nearly as many extra features as the iPad that can get in the way. The iPad however is a tech junkies dream. It has a number of cool things like having your email at the touch of your fingers along with a Safari browser and an improved iPod.Compared to all of the other tablet computers on the market, the iPad is by far the most impressive and sleek. The iPad can be purchased for $620 and up depending upon the amount of storage you need and the WiFi capabilities.

Verizon eReaders
Version Wireless is planning to launch some eReaders in Fall 2010. Their eReaders are being called "Entorage" and they will compete with the Andriod eReader. They will average between 7-10 inches and are going to have the same features found with the Kindle and their ability to download books but they will also include additional features like email, calendar, and a camera. This sets it ahead of the Apple iPad since the iPad doesn't have a camera or a video on board. Verizon isn't releasing too much information about their eReaders but pretty soon there will be plenty of information out there for tech junkies to droll over.

Dell Latitude XT2
If you are looking for a tablet computer that is designed specifically for high definition video streaming, this is the computer for you. What really makes this tablet computer stand out is that it features the best features of tablet computers like touch screens, small, compact sizes and it has a swivel screen so you can use a traditional keyboard if you aren't fond of the touch screen.Unlike other tablet computers, the battery life is much longer so you can literally work for hours on the computer without needing to charge it. It converts very easily from tablet mode to computer mode with just the movement of the screen. There is a battery-free pen you can use to actually write on the screen as if you are writing on a normal piece of paper. With the broadband capabilities you will easily be able to stay connected to the internet no matter where you are. The bright display adjusts easily for outdoor conditions, so you can easily read the screen without problems. This is one of the first attempts Dell is making at a tablet and so far they have done alright. Now comparing it to the Apple iPad,you aren't going to like the Dell tablet features as much as it's slow to respond and it has gotten a phantom touch that has frozen up the screen for a number of users. Be careful with Dell products as they are prone to overheating so using it for hours at a time may not be feasible.

There are a number of tablet computers to choose from so you really need to test them all out to see which ones feel the most comfortable in your hands and which ones you can afford. Keep in mind that more tablet computers are being created so waiting a year may mean the difference between video and picture capabilities on a newer iPad.

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