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The Stealth PC

internalcdplayer36824792.jpgWith technology constantly changing and new things being released all the time, there are so many different options if you are in the market for a PC. The older computer models took up a lot of room in your home and most people have found that they are a rater inconvenient option.Thanks to Stealth, you can purchase their new LPC-100 which is ideal for anyone looking for a smaller PC. This small device can actually fit right into your hand and it's very fast.

The Stealth PC actually is designed to outperform just about every computer it is up against. It's faster than just about every desktop model and even smaller mobile computers with fast processors. It's a small little box but it does do what it says, which is to outperform everything! So how fast is this little PC? It has up to 2.53 GHz of processing power and the larger models like the 500GB model has 4GB of memory, making it a great hard drive device to store all your pictures and many other things.

What makes the Stealth PC so great is that is boasts the power of brand new laptops. It has the Intel 1.9 GHz Dual core Celeron T3100 processer and you have the option to upgrade it if you want it to be faster. You can get up to the 2.26 GHz or the 2.53Ghz by upgrading to the T9400 computer.

Everyone is on the market for newer PCs that boost faster speeds. If you want a small PC that you can easily pack around with you no matter where you go, the Stealth PC is definitely the right type of computer for your situation.

Stealth not only manufacturers what many refer to as mini computers, they also manufacture touch screen LCD monitors and a number of other unique devices. Keeping up with great technology changes and advancements is important and this is one company you need to keep an eye on if you want the latest and greatest computers and equipment to show off to all your friends and others.

The LPC-100 is about 4.0x6.1x1.45 inches but it does pack a lot of power with it. The 3D graphics are very impressive and it also has a VGA and DVI port that provides higher resolution. It comes with XP and Vista and there are new small PCs that are currently underway that are going to have the new Windows programs and features. You can upgrade software online but it doesn't include a CD port for you to install programs with a DVD or CD.

Right now the mini-PC market is starting to take off. You can find these mini-PC devices on eBay and many other sites right now. The cost of mini-PCs is less than buying a standard laptop but they still pack a lot of power for how small they are and what you want to use them for. Online video streaming and also online gaming are two very popular things for the mini-PC world.

The Stealth PCs all come with great hardware that makes the superior. They have a Core 2 ULV processor option and have HDMI connectivity. Opt for the VOT 125 if you want connectivity options with the 3-in-1 card reader. This isn't the best looking mini-PC out there as you can find other mini-PCs that are faster and better.

What also makes the Stealth PC stand out from other PCs is that you aren't only limited to the hardware and software solutions it has, the exterior of it is very impressive as well. To learn more about the mini-PCs being offered by Stealth head to their website and brose through some of their available PCs.

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