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The DaVinci Wireless pen tablet reviewed

It looks like tablet computers are the new wave of the futures are just about everyone wants one or has one. The DaVinci wireless pen tablet is a great device for anyone that is in need of wanting the clearest possible wireless communication. What it will do it provide you with everything you could possibly need on a tablet computer and it also offers a PC pen input that is very simple to use.

What makes the DaVinci wireless pen tablet unique is how much fun it is to use. It's like coloring as a child as you will start with something single like your name and pretty soon you will be drawing up like crazy. This unique table pen will make you never want to type or use your fingers to control the tablet again because it is a lot of fun to use.

Not only is it fun to use, it is very precise. This is needed in the business world when you are doing presentations and other things and you don't want to miss a thing with the presentation. Design professionals love it because of how accurate it is and businesses professionals also agree that it is a great additional to any tablet computer.

The pen is ergonomically designed so it will comfortably fit into your hand. This makes it very easy to use as you need to write accurately in order to have a clear message displayed on screen. The textured work surface makes it feel like you are writing on real paper using a real pen. It's very realistic and very easy to use, which makes it simple to add onto any tablet device.

It's easy to use as a wireless device and it comes with a sleek design as it's all black, like most of the table computers are. This makes it easy to blend in and it will look like a natural part of your existing tablet. It includes a USB connection when it needs to be charged and the USB connection also help you to continue writing on the device if it suddenly dies while you are working on your project.

To use the pen you really don't need to press all that hard on it. It's almost like painting a picture as it will allow you to glide smoothly across the surface you are writing on and create an impressive picture. No matter if you are right handed or left handed this device is very easy to use and it's not going to be hard at all for you to use for either hand.

It is a very accurate device to use so you don't need to worry about needing to rewrite things multiple times because the device isn't connecting with your tablet. The tablet itself will respond better to the DaVinci pen than it will to your own finger touch. This is because the pen is designed specifically to interface with the tablet where your fingers aren't. No matter how great the tablet may be, you will most likely experience some sort of freezing and the device might develop a phantom touch. When you use the wireless pen tablet, you won't experience any of these problems.

The pen uses an Li-ION battery and it comes with an installation CD for your tablet device in order to make it work properly. The two devices must be able to connect with one another in order for it to work properly. If they don't connect, you may find that you are having a difficult time getting the right messages to appear on your tablet. To purchase the pen, you will need to pay about $135.

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