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Toshiba's wipe technology

manatcomputer16486602.jpgHaving all of the new technology on and for your computer can be a challenge.Many of the new technologies and software's that are becoming available cost a high amount of money and can take time to be delivered to you.Yet some of these technologies can be worth the wait and are defiantly worth the money.One of the newest technology programs that is available for you to purchase is Toshiba's wipe technology.This is a system that you can install onto your computer to keep your documents safe and secure.This can be very beneficial if your computer becomes lost or stolen or you decide to replace it with a newer model.Protecting yourself and your information is very important.There are many ways that your identity can be stolen.Don't let a lost or stolen computer be the way your identity gets taken or you personal information is given to the public.

With Toshiba's wipe technology installed on your personal computer, it can be a major benefit to you personally, but it can also benefit your business.When you apply Toshiba's wipe technology onto your business computers, you will be able to have a better maintenance on the security of your computers.When the computer is powered down the Wipe technology will automatically invalidate and HDD security key.This will make all of your information instantly indecipherable.Your information will be kept safe and secure.With your business computers you are putting in a lot of sensitive information.You have all of your client's information in your computer, your finances and accounting information and your employee's information.This sensitive information needs to be kept safe and secure from the public to have.

Besides using this technology on your computers, you can also use it on any copier and/or printer.Toshiba's wipe technology can be used in the similar as on computers.The technology will give you the ability to erase and sensitive information or documents that have been scanned or copied.This can be a great asset to you if you decide to update your copier or printer for a new one.With the systems installed you can have the data erase the SED's internal encryption key.Erasing the sensitive information that is on your copier and printer can be a definite selling point you can make to your clients about how much you value their privacy.

Also know that as you have your personal information and your business information erase, images that you have put on your computer, copier and printer will also be erased.We use our personal computers for our personal lives.Besides having our banking information and personal information on there, we have pictures of our families.These pictures could include the trips you have taken, what your family looks like and possibly where you live.If someone were to steal your computer, it wouldn't take them long to find out where you live and what your family looks like.This is the worst case scenario that hopefully would not happen, but protect yourself and your family from having that scenario happen.

You have a right to protect your personal information on your personal computer and your business information on your business computers.With Toshiba's wipe technology you won't have to worry about your information being released to the public.You will have the guarantee that all your information will be destroyed and indecipherable if your computer, copier or printer were to be stolen or lost.Even when you sell your computer, copier and printer, you will have the comfort of knowing that you were able to erase all the sensitive information that was on there.

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