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Evaluating the Dell Streak

When Apple introduced the iPad tablet computer, it sent a number of tech junkies into a frenzie. Now it seems like every company out there is eager to compete with Apple and they all have their own tablet computers in the works. Dell is of course one of the leading home computer system manufacturers and they want to make sure their name is out there as well to compete against Apple. They have created a new tablet computer called the Dell Streak. This offers so many cool advantages over the iPad but it does of course come with some drawbacks you need to be aware of. Here are some things to know if you are interested in purchasing the Dell Streak.

The Good
The Dell Streak is really cool looking. It's slim and sleek and the screen is impressive. It supports 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth without any problems whatsoever. The thing that makes it better than the iPad is that it comes with a built in camera that includes video camcorder capabilities and not just still pictures. It also has great calling capabilities, which make it a great device to use as your cell phone as well.

The Bad
Although it's pretty slim and sleek for a tablet computer, it doesn't have the same sleekness that the iPad comes with so it might now WOW you initially. Although Dell boasts that the battery will last you for hours at a time, realistically the battery is really really terrible. Like any other Dell product, you have to keep it plugged in a lot for it to work at it's best. The other downside is that Dell just can't ever seem to make impressive cooling devices for anything they create. The Dell Streak doesn't have a great cooling system that will keep the tablet from overheating, which means you will be stuck on the phone for hours trying to understand what the Dell tech support reps are saying. The music quality is far below what the iPad offers and the touch-screen is really awkward to use. A number of users have already complained about the touch screen and that it seems to get a phantom touch that will bog down the entire system. The camera is a great idea to have but it's not really in a feasible position and it doesn't provide you with great pictures and videos.

The cost of the Dell streak is right on $1,900. So if you really want to invest a lot of money into a tablet computer, look at some of the others on the market that offer the same technology for half the cost. You can acquire new Apple iPads for about $600 now as the "new" factor of the iPad is starting to wear off.

The Dell Streak claims to compete with the Apple iPad but they really should tell people they are competing against the Google Android. This device is definitely more of a smartphone than a tablet computer anyway. It can fit into your pocket okay but its still a little large for some customers to consider. However if you don't want to walk around with the big iPad tucked under your arm all day, this device is more in your market.

Like the Motorola Driod the Dell Streak comes with the speed you need for a high quality smartphone. It has email, multitouch gestures, wallpaper, and video. While this is great, it still doesn't hold a candle to the Amazon Kindle and their eReader technology. Sure it adjusts in the sun, but the brightness is tough on the eyes so it's not ideal if you want to sit down and read a book.

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