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How to improve the quality of your management


Think about your very best employee.Is there any area at all where that person could improve?Probably.Nearly everyone has room for improvement.If you are a business manager, you should always strive to improve your own management quality.Here are a few simple steps to help you make improvements.


Difficulty: medium


Step 1:Get feedback.In most companies, you don't have to ask for feedback because you get it at least a couple of times a year when you get evaluations.If your company does regular evaluations, consider the feedback to be valuable information.If your company does not do regular evaluations or if your evaluations don't include employees that work for you, give your own evaluations.In the evaluations, force the respondents to make critical comments by including open-ended questions such as "One area I would like to see my boss improve is _______________".

Getting evaluations like this back can be tough, nobody likes to receive criticisms about their management style and we tend to be quite defensive in the face of criticism.Try and understand this response, go ahead and be defensive for a day or even a couple of days but once you are calm again, take the comments to heart and formulateplan for improving your management style.

Step 2:Change one thing at a time.You might receive feedback in several areas; pick the one that you feel like you have the greatest chance of improvement.Once you have picked an area, for example, procrastination, make a specific goal.You might have a goal to finish the work in your inbox before leaving the office each day.Commit to this goal.You might find that you have to delegate more work so that you don't put as much in your inbox.You might also find yourself staying late everyday until you start to get it right.Whatever you have to do, realize your goal.Once you have mastered that goal, and it might take months to master a goal, choose another goal and commit to that.If you are always working on just one area, you will have a greater chance of success and you will find that you are constantly improving.

Step 3:Educate yourself.Besides working on goals, you should also be trying to improve your knowledge base all of the time.There are plenty of books on management.To read one, you don't need to sit down and try to read the whole thing.Just take baby steps, maybe put a management book at the breakfast table and read a few pages when you are having your cereal in the morning or read a couple of pages before going to bed at night.You might also attend management seminars or workshops.By doing both of these things at the same time, working on goals directed by people who work for you and learning about management from experts, you will find that you rapidly become the manager that you want to be.

Tips and Warnings

Don't expect too much of yourself.Personal growth takes time.You might be able to learn a couple of tricks from management books that make a difference right away but your management quality is largely ingrained in your personality.As you probably know, personality is quite hard, if not impossible, to change.What you are going to want to work on are behaviors.Don't choose goals of "being nicer"-this is a reflection of your personality.Instead, choose a goal like "make no negative comments"-this is a behavior-based goal.You might still be a jerk inside but if you can manage your behavior properly, no one will ever have to know about it.

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