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Creating a Lean office

buildings19268963.jpgLean manufacturing was created specifically for manufacturing plants to reduce errors and focus on quality control. If you are like most companies there will be times when you are producing a lot of waste at your company and you aren't getting the most out of your employees that you should be. Creating a lean office is a smart move and it can be done in a short amount of time.

Improve efficiency
No matter what type of organization you are running, you will expect to improve efficiency when you focus on creating a lean office. Lean offices will actually see a huge increase in efficiency, some as high as 90%. Why is the efficiency increased by such a high amount? It comes down to the way in which you have organized your business in order to show that the company is stronger and that your employees can perform their job duties easier. Efficiency will come when your staff works together as a team and when they all have a common goal they are focusing on.

Find the waste

As you are focusing on developing a lean office you will focus on finding the wastes within the company. You want to go through your company and look at where the wastes are coming from. Are your employees wasting a lot of time standing around waiting for their next assignment? A lean office needs to use the 5 S method and other procedures in order to properly identify the wastes and to focus on their elimination. Once you know what the wastes are, you will have an easier time fixing them and preventing them in the future.

Save money
Implement lean manufacturing can save you a significant amount of money. Some people are able to save money on their manufacturing and production costs while others actually save money on the overall performance of the company. You will be able to produce high quality products for a lot less.

Boost in employee morale
Lean manufacturing helps to increase employee morale. Since the office will be organized and employees will know where to find their necessary tools in a hurry, they won't have a hard time performing their jobs. You also need to focus on how you list their job descriptions. Employees that clearly understand their role within the company will be able to become a better employee.

Simplifies your process
As you implement different aspects of lean manufacturing you will see how it helps to simply your overall manufacturing process or the structure of your office. Your employees will be able to become more production as their roles are easier to understand. When an office is not using lean manufacturing, it can be easy to develop wasteful procedures and habits. Each process needs to be individually defined in order to make for a lean office that is organized and can run effectively.

Customer satisfaction
A large part of lean manufacturing focuses on the satisfaction of your customers. Are they happy with the new procedures you have implemented? Use customer surveys to find out if your customers are happy with your products and if they feel that they are getting the right quality out of the product for the amount they are paying. A lean office allows employees to respond to customers in a timely manner. It gives you a chance to develop a higher revenue for your company as you will have shorter wait times when your customers order a product to the time in which it is delivered to them.

Research more about lean manufacturing to understand how a lean office will contribute to the overall success of your company.

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