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How to get Six Sigma certification

Six Sigma has become the popular methodology for improving processes and achieving improvements in an organizational setting. This has prompted a huge interest in companies of varying sizes, to gain Six Sigma certification.It should be noted that some companies offer Six Sigma training and certification for employees, while other individuals will need to seek training and certification, from an independent source. Regardless of whether or not your company offers Six Sigma, it is possible to learn the process required to obtain Six Sigma certification if your employer does not offer it or you are not eligible for their program.

There are certain things you will need to have to begin the process. You must have the following to begin the process:

  • Computer with internet access

  • Data analysis program such as Minitab

  • Signed affidavit for any completed Six Sigma projects

  • Have a selected a certifying organization

The first step is to clarify your objective in obtaining Six Sigma certification. Are you looking to enhance your career opportunities and salary level, or perhaps you are seeking expertise and credibility for a move into consulting, speaking, or writing on process improvement or a related topic. By knowing your objective it will help you assess your options.

The next step is to establish which level of certification you are seeking. While other levels are offered, traditionally Six Sigma certification refers either to Green Belt or Black Belt level certification. It is important to keep in mind that the time commitment, expense, and expectations will differ depending on which level you choose.

After choosing what level of certification to pursue, you will need to determine the method of training and instruction you prefer. Keep in mind that some training programs offer online options, while others require on-site attendance at classes.Additionally, in both cases, completion of actual DMAIC projects will be required in addition to passing an exam.

You will also need to evaluate the independent agencies that are offering Six Sigma training and certification, and choose the one that best meets your needs. You should take into consideration the cost, time commitment, availability of online training, and the credibility of the certifying organization. After selecting one you will need to complete your application to the program, and pay any required fees. It should be noted that costs range from several hundred dollars to over $10,000.

You will then complete the course of study that is offered by your chosen organization. During your course of study you will receive training in process measurement and improvement, the DMAIC method, statistical analysis, and team dynamics, among other topics. You will be working with data that uses a statistical software package which may be provided by the organization as part of your program, or you may need to obtain one for yourself.

After completing the course you will then study for the certification exam. You will be provided with an outline clarifying which material is covered by the exam, but you should be prepared, for questions on any of the material you have learned.

At this point you will select and plan, your Six Sigma projects. The amount of projects you will need to complete will vary from program to program. You may also be able to conduct a project within your work environment. Keep in mind that a signed affidavit from your project sponsor or champion will be required.

After completing this step you may need to pay a small fee for certification in addition to the cost for the training program. Then you are all done!You will simply wait for your results. Your certifying agency should be able to tell you when you can expect to find out if you were successfully certified.

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