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Six Sigma training applications

Six Sigma was invented in the manufacturing industry by Motorola. Six Sigma focuses on reducing waste by getting your error ratio to 3.4 defects per million products produced. Implementing Six Sigma may take some time before you are able to implement it right and have all of your employees embrace it. There are a number of Six Sigma training applications you can use in order to learn about Six Sigma and to also implement it into your organization.

There are online tests you can take to learn about Six Sigma and the different levels. You can become Six Sigma certified online as well. Look into attending a conference or training event when you can learn more about Six Sigma and how you can properly implement it within your company.

One of the most common Six Sigma training terms you will hear is called the DMAIC Six Sigma approach. The DMAIC Six Sigma approach is a unique way to approach the work your manufacturing plant needs to do and to ensure that it is completed. The DMAIC method stands for the following:

  • D - Define
  • M - Measure
  • A - Analyze
  • I - Improve
  • C - Control

The first phase is the design phase. This phase focuses on Defining the core processes that your company follows. You need to define the process ad then choose the various projects you are implementing to see what expectations you have along with a timeline. The define phase helps you to draw up a plan for Six Sigma so you can start introducing it into your organization.

The second phase is the measure phase. During the measure phase you will use the basic design to benchmark the process. Your black belt manager will deal with most of the measure phase as they need to collect data and establish a mean. The mean is the average performance level that you will compare your data against.

The third phase is known as the analyze phase. This phase allows you to use the information from the measure phase and perform an analysis to see how it is working for the company. Analyzing the process is a critical part of the DMAIC method as one simple mistake in the analyze phase can cause you to struggle with product defects and other issues. The analyze phase is where you will uncover the root of the problem within the company. The manager can choose whatever tools or tests they like, they just need to be able to develop a formula that allows room for improvement. You will focus on understanding the various options you have for improving the company and strengthening its performance. Your black belt is important as their job is to focus on finding a balance for the organization.

You will move onto the phase for improvement once you have identified problems. The improve phase simply involves implementing your ideas and solutions into the company. The improve phase may end up dealing with some trial and error before you finally get it right and you are able to fix the problems within the company. Your black belt must maintain control of the organization and let others know that trial and error is a part of proper Six Sigma implementation.

The last phase is the control phase. The control phase allows you to see a sum of everything and to find where you have been able to gather the best product samples from the new changes. Use tracking and performance measures to make sure you are able to maintain a high level of performance and quality with your products.

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