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The Basic Industrial Safety Equipment Every Worker Needs

Occupational health is a serious matter that is on the minds of both workers and employers.Employers are required to have the means by which to provide medical treatment to workers if they are injured on the job.Naturally, it is the responsibility of the worker to abide by company safety policies and use general caution when working in potentially hazardous situations.

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the federal agency that has been given the charge to enforce safety and healthy working conditions.OSHA has been working to conserve employee health in all areas of the workplace for over 20 years.Official legislation is available through the official OSHA website and should be the driving force to use as a guideline when implementing company safety policies.Also as a note to employers, sufficient and current insurance protection and directions should be readily accessible in the case of an emergency.Preventing injury is best, but when an accident does occur, quick and informed decision making can make the difference between long term and short term injury.

Eye Protection:
Thousands of workers sustain some sort of eye injury daily.Most of these cases can be prevented by using protective eye ware.The type of eye ware needed varies depending on the level of danger present.A simple pair of glasses can protect a worker's eyes in a low danger type of environment.Other options such as goggles or full face shields are more appropriate.Regardless of the type of protective eye ware assigned by the company the key is constant and consistent use.It seems like it is the worker who forgets to wear his glasses or takes off his goggles for just the moment that ends up in the optometrist's office.

Hearing Protection:
Hearing protection is vital in any environment where an unsafe level of sound is present.Depending on the decibel and frequency level of that sound anything from simple ear plugs to earmuffs should be worn.It is said though that whatever type of hearing protection you choose to use, make sure that it is implemented correctly.An ear plug that is not worn, or does not fit properly, does very little in helping a worker retain his good hearing.As can be assumed, more expensive earmuffs provide the best protection because they completely cover the ear and can create a seal to the ear from harmful sound levels.

Pulmonary (lung) safety is particularly important for those working in environments where gases or powders are frequently in the air.Respirators can be found in many varieties and are lifesaving devises.Also, regular doctor check-ups are a good precautionary measure to ensure that no possible undetectable damage has been done over time.

Lead toe boots can protect the foot from falling objects and other types of crushing dangers.Also wearing closed-toed and thick heal shoes can protect the bottom of the foot in case a worker steps on something sharp.Gloves protect from burns, scraps, and contamination.

Head trauma is perhaps the most life threatening of all injuries.There are countless instances when workers use of a helmet has saved their life.

Fire Protection:
Nothing is easier than having a fire extinguisher handy.No business is completely fire proof.Whether you work in a small office or a huge factory, the threat of a fire is always present.

Of course not all forms of industrial safety equipment could be listed here in this article. The protection needed for your specific company should be well researched and thought out.Below are a number of other industrial safety equipment products that may be right for your operation.

Hazard warning devices
Life jackets/buoys
Non-slip rugs/pads
Protective clothing
Reflective safety equipment
Safety belts
Rain/waterproof gear
Safety vests
Protection from heat/cold
Gas detection
Fall protection/education
Ergonomic Protection

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