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Creating A Compelling Press Release

When a company has marketing on their mind, they will likely stop to think about what kind of things go into creating a compelling press release. While this may sound difficult, it doesn't have to be. In fact, all it really takes understanding your media outlet and how you would like to reach your consumers through the press. Whether a company chooses paper press or video, there are several different ways to market a company through the creative use of press releases.

Any business owner or manager should know the purpose of a press release in relation to marketing their company. First and foremost, you need to capture the attention of a reporter with a captivating or compelling story to ensnare their interest. Once they do this, the reporter or journalist will likely write a story about the specific product or services that the company has to offer. This, as you can imagine, will help to boost the marketing capabilities of a business.

Some things that a compelling press release will have are:
- An angle that is both relevant and newsworthy.
- A compelling headline.
- Facts, without facts, there is no reason to go this route for marketing.
- Contact information.

When a press release is created from a marketing standpoint, the company will either write their own press release, or will have a journalist do it for them. With this said, creating a compelling press release isn't an overly difficult task. Just as it is said above, any company interested in a press release will want to ensure that their angle is relevant and newsworthy. This means, they don't want to just make the story up. While adding in a sense of fantasy can be good when campaigning and marketing a business, with press releases, consumers expect it to have a grasp on reality and the truth.

Always ensure that the press release has a headline that is going to grab the attention of the press. This of course is an extremely important step. Without it, all of the company's hard work is going to go un-heard. The goal of any company, who is writing a compelling press release, is to have it read by a reporter of some sort. Whether they are trying to market it toward written press or visual press, it is extremely important to include the contact information of the company in the press release. The reason for this is because without it, any interested journalist needs to be able to contact the company, to show their want to create a story on the company itself.

Another important thing, would be to backup the story when creating a compelling press release. The best thing to do is to think of a press release as just another means of marketing the company. With the help of the press, a company can get their story heard by many consumers who listen to/read the specific form of reporting done by the reporter.

Ensure that the story itself has substance. What has the company done to set them apart from others? What angle does the company want to portray in the story? The substance of the story will need to be expanded with a subhead. This will help to hook the reporter, without having to reveal the entirety of the release to interested parties. Remember, a company doesn't want to give away the entirety of their story, just pique the interest of interested reporters so that they will vie for the ability to capture it on film/in writing.

Creating a compelling press release, has endless possibilities, and can help the growth of a company through creative marketing. Never look a gift horse in the mouth; the press has the ability to do great things with the marketing and expansion of any company.

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