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Word Of Mouth Marketing and Why it Works

Word of mouth marketing is a term that many business owners and their employees have come to know and love. But, why is it that word of mouth marketing so important? How does it work? Well, that is quite simple. When a customer receives a service or purchases an item from a company, they will almost always expect what is called customer service. It doesn't matter what they are spending their hard-earned money on, service and customer's go hand in hand. But, what happens if they experience a bad sale? Well, they are likely going to tell at least ten of their closest friends, or anyone within earshot how poor a company has treated them.

Equally, if a company goes over and beyond the expectations of a consumer, they may in turn spread a positive word. While it may just be a passing note to a friend or family member, it will give these people a reason to give the company a try themselves later down the line. If this continues to grow with those two people, that one satisfied customer has turned to ten, then twenty, then ultimately a thousand new faces to purchase the services or products of a company.

But, there are other ways to stir up word of mouth marketing in a community. With the technological advancements and how heavily our communities are now leaning on technology, companies are now using the consumer's own enjoyment against them to market their wares. Viral videos, marketing buzzes or hypes are created. If a customer sees or hears a funny video, they may even share it on their social networking site. This, as any good company leader knows, is free and widespread marketing. This is absolutely a fantastic means for either big business or small business owners to make a significant leap upward in their profit growth in a short period of time.

A few means of word of mouth marketing are:

A happy customer. This is first and foremost your biggest form of free word of mouth marketing. These previous and ongoing customers will always hold a great sway with your bottom line. It is of the utmost importance to handle your customers with care, giving them individual attention and an understanding of what they need from the company.

Viral marketing. This is where you utilize pre-existing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among other websites to get a significant and enticing message out to the masses. The reason why this works is because many people will share this on a public level, allowing those other people to do the same thing on their own social networking sites. Some ideas for a viral marketing are:
- A flash game that correlates to the company itself.
- Advergames.
- Ebooks.
- Brandable software or freeware.
- Text messages.
- Images.

Creating entertaining advertisements via traditional media such as television, newspaper, and radio ads. The reason this works as word of mouth marketing, is because if you create an enticing advertisement, consumers will talk about it for weeks to come, without much follow-up marketing needed to achieve the company's goal.

As a whole, word of mouth marketing is perhaps the most simple form of marketing that a company can take advantage of. Every day company policy should include means of ensuring that positive word of mouth is occurring. This needs to be to the forefront of every business owner's mind. Because while one negative word of mouth experience can break a company, just one positive word of mouth experience can help them to exceed their wildest dreams.

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