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The pros and cons to Twitter for Marketing Business

Twitter is a form of a social network that has become one of the most popular. Twitter is another form of instant messaging with a profile included. Many marketing businesses use social networks to advertise, promote and spread the word about their companies. Using twitter can have its pros and cons to its services. Twitter consists of direct messaging, tweeting, retweeting, commenting, replying, profiles, and favorites.

These components can be helpful when trying to advertise and promote business whether it's big or small. Twitter is the most effective way to send a message to people who are following the business or to people that view profiles publicly. When creating a tweet everyone can view what is being said and it can attract interest to potential candidates or other marketing businesses. When a tweet is being retweeted it's now being sent to the person's profile where the people who are following them can view it.

Twitter has a feature where others can reply to things that are posted. There are many benefits when using twitter to help promote and advertise business, but there are bad things that follow along with the good. The benefit of having the reply option is to have knowledge of who is interested in the product or service or things that can be done to improve the business. The worst part about this function is anyone can reply to the tweet if the protection lock is not on the business profile. To avoid confrontation and soliciting it's best to have a protection on the profile.

Twitter can help condense information to get straight to the point. Twitter has a word count where it limits the amount of words being typed into the space. This can be a bad thing because all information cannot be condensed and reworded because of the vital information within the content of the tweet. This function can help a business determine what information is the most vital. Twitter allows users to add pictures to help further assist the product with a visual aid and to help get potential buyers to better understand the objective of the company.

Twitter allows users to incorporate specific names of other people who tweet. By using this function there will be no confusion as to who the conversation is pertaining to. When tweeting others can view what users are saying, but this feature does not have to be a bad thing. When others run across a conversation saying something that is eye catching it will grab the attention of the viewer creating a three way conversation that may interest others.

If the marketing business would like to have certain viewers and private messaging going on that can be done. Direct mail is a feature offered by twitter, where others won't be able to view and share the information that is given other than the person it has been sent to. The URL of the business website can be posted in case people need more information about what the company offers and what's the best way to become involved.

Other businesses may view this form of promotion as unprofessional and ineffective. A majority of the time businesses promote their services in areas where there are high traffic of people online. There is no better place to find high volumes of people than on a social network because that's where a majority of people spend their extra time talking to their friends and holding business conversations. There are many alternatives for promoting marketing services, but it's a decision that lies in the hands in the company.

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