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Distributing Effective Press Releases

A great way to raise awareness about your organization is through the use of press releases. Using a press release you will be able to generate more publicity about your company as you can have your company name and information featured in news stories and a number of other things. The more media attention you can get, the easier it will be for you to branch out to a new audience and to finally bring in some new customers that you have been searching for. A press editor is someone that you need to get to know quite well. They are going to help in giving your company the attention that you are looking for. Press editors are looking for press releases that contain news, not just a marketing ploy to try and increase your website presence or build a new customer list.

Ask yourself several questions when you are trying to create an effective press release. You should look at things like a new product launch or a big hire for the company. Really dissect the things that you are doing with the company to help you come up with a number of different press release options that you can create. If you are planning to host a big event or attend a large event that will promote or raise awareness, you have to consider using a press release to help you spread the word.

Editors are looking for a news worthy press release. They do not want to see a press release that is boring or they will not take time to read it. You need to write a press release that is written in a certain format. Editors are not customers and they do not want to be "sold" a product by you. Instead they are looking for you to provide them with credible information that will be valuable to their readers. Write several rough drafts as this will be able to help you in creating an effective press release. You want to look at what type of benefits people will be able to gather from the press release and then you have to use keywords and things that will end up causing people to be interested in the press release.

Every press release that you create needs to have the words "for immediate release" placed on the top. This shows the editor that you want to have the press release published as soon as possible. On a slow news day, your press release may get right in. If you send out the release on a day when there is a lot happening, your press release may not get read by the editor unless it has a title that catches their attention immediately.

The headline is the most important part of the press release as this is what will end up drawing in the attention of the editor and eventually the reporter that is chosen to cover the story. The headline needs to be interesting and needs to inspire the person to continue reading on to learn more about your company and what you have to say.

A good press release will have about 3 paragraphs and will be a page or less. When a press release is longer than a page, you won't have people reading them and you also run the risk of losing the second page which could have some valuable information on it that the reporter will reference in their news article. Keep the press release short and simple. A press release that gets right to the point will be much appreciated by the editor and the reporter. You need to watch out for some things like writing a press release that is focused too much on selling the product or the company or one that has a lot of over-hyped claims.

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