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How your logo affects your marketing

Establishing a strong visual identity, or logo, for your company is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. A visual identity is one of the first things people will think of when they hear your name - think of Nike's Swoosh, Ralph Lauren's polo pony, and Mac's apple.

While there are lots of visual identities, your strongest visual identity will most likely come in the form of a logo. However, everything you put out portrays your company's image. From brochures to letterhead to business cards, your company's logo should be recognizable and will have a dramatic effect on your marketing efforts.

The following tips will help you to create a strong logo for your company:

  • Hire a good designer. Find a good designer through recommendations or ask other companies whose logos you like who their designer is. Once you find one, let him or her know exactly what you want to avoid.

  • - Make gradual logo changes over time. If you know you want change your logo eventually, instead of running the risk of alienating customers, consider making small changes to your logo over time, such as different coloring or other subtle changes. That way, an entirely redone logo won't be as much of a shock.

  • Avoid anything too trendy. You should steer clear of overly trendy designs, colors, and patterns when you redo your logo, as you don't want a logo you will need to change and update every few years. Instead, choose a clean, simple logo that will be timeless, or that can be updated with minor changes when the occasion calls for it.
  • - Consider all costs. If you're going introduce a visual identity, consider the fact there will most likely be a number of costs incurred as a result. You will most likely be changing your signage, your stationary, updating your computer files that have your logo, as well as additional marketing costs that may arise.

Creating a strong visual identity
One thing that plays a large part in creating a good logo are the colors you use. The following are some suggestions:

  • Black. Black colors tend to indicate strength, power, credibility, precision, and professionalism. These colors are well-suited to organizations that are corporate in nature, such as finance and marketing. In addition, black colors are suitable for the fashion industry (depending on the niche) as well as more powerful professions, such as mining or construction.
  • Red. Red is a color that conveys such emotions as hunger, sex appeal, excitement, urgency, and romance, as well as danger or a warning. Red colors are best suited for professions like medicine or rescue services, or things such as cosmetics and fashion.
  • Green. Many people associate green shades with calm, nurturing, or natural and organic organizations and professions. Organizations that would create a strong visual identity with this color include services that have to do with scientific or governmental applications.
  • Yellow. Yellow shades signify fun, youthful, energetic, and bright ideas and innovations. Visual identities well-suited to yellow include child care, food, signs, and anything in the entertainment industry.
  • Blue. Often associated with tranquility and calm, blue shades go well with such helping professions as medicine or Psychiatry.

Your visual identity is an important part of your marketing campaign. Creating a logo that conveys the right emotions will help attract customers and associate your buyers with your products.

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