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Using Cause Marketing The Right Way

What is cause marketing and how does it have an impact on your company and on your customer's buying decisions? Cause marketing is one of the methods that is commonly used when you are trying to repair your companies image or you are looking for ways to establish your company as a charitable one. Spreading some goodwill and getting people to see the "human" side of the company is important as you do want to have a good opinion formed about your company. Using cause marketing can help you to achieve this goal you just need to ensure that you are partnering with the right type of non-profit organization. When you choose the right one, it can be beneficial on all the different sides of the picture and will be able to really increase your customer's positive opinions of your company.

When you do engage in cause marketing you must be very clear about why you are doing it and to show that it is going to be used to really help the cause, not to boost your bottom line. There are going to be financial costs that you need to look at and to ensure that you are able to uphold your end of the bargain since the marketing costs can be very expensive. Meet with the other company and draw up a plan that really will work well for both parties.

The plan needs to state the costs and to show which companies will be responsible for what costs. You can split them evenly or you can divide them up based on the exposure level that both organizations have. One company will likely be known more than the other, which is the main reason why you are probably doing the partnership. It is important that you are not approaching the other company to ride their coattails and be on their bandwagon but to join them because the cause that they support is really close to your companies heart in some way. Usually companies that get involved in cause marketing will do so in order to create a long-term partnership together and not just a short-term one that is only for the holiday season or to take advantage of current economic struggles and things.

Since there are a lot of fraudulent companies that take advantage of cause marketing, there are some government regulations based on cause marketing now. You have to be able to understand what these rules are so you are not caught disobeying them and to make sure that you are getting involved with them for the right reasons. If you don't, you will face a penalty and it is also like that you will deal with a lot of backlash from your market and other markets as well since you are taking advantage of your customers goodwill and not in it to help the cause.

Why are you tying your company to the non-profit company? What is it about the message that you are promoting that will tug at your audience's heartstrings and will get them to do something about it? Give the customers a reason to react to the message that you are sending out. A call to action is important to having your customers being able to react to the message.

Do you want your customers to buy your product or will you ask them simply to donate to the cause? You have to be very clear about this message to the customers know that they are giving money to the cause but also to know if you are giving them something in return for the donation. If you do offer a product, ensure that it is one of value that the customers will desire.

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