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Keeping It Simple With Advertising

How many times do you find yourself grueling your marketing team to come up with innovative promotions or to make your company different from others? While you want to be different and to gain the right type of exposure for your company, you have to watch out for yourself. Sometimes people place too much pressure on themselves and it ends up costing them too much money and just really makes it harder for them to market effectively. Advertising is not a cheap investment and you need to be able to focus on staying under budget with your ads while still gaining the exposure that you need to success.

One of the best things that you can do for your company when you are advertising is to keep it simple. You need to be able to just look at the basic needs and wants of your customers and figure out ways in which you can satisfy these needs. Your customers will be able to appreciate this more than you doing a bunch of flashy commercials, car wraps, flyers, and other things that sometimes get in the way of the real message you want to promote.

The goal is to get your company exposure but the right type of exposure. If you end up putting out too many ads and they aren't consistent or they do not make sense, you will just end up annoying people or they will ignore them entirely.

When you are advertising you always need to put yourself in your customers shoes. Ask yourself what the customers will get from the ad and really what they want to see from the ad? Most people want a discount or they want something that puts the drive in them to go back to your site or to call your company. You need to look at ways in which you can not only use action words to talk to your customers but also to find ways to really promote the company in a positive manner.

Some organizations like to tell stories when they are advertising. This is a great way to get people to hook into the ad but you need to have an effective line at the end to motivate them to buy your product or to do something about it so that you can complete the sale. If you don't add this little byline you are wasting money and the ad is not going to go anywhere.

Advertising doesn't always need to be NEW but it does need to be fresh. You can keep the same templates and you might even run a majority of the same promotions but what you really need to do is add something that is different. This will get the customer to bite on the ad. Sometimes it's just adding a little text box with a promotion code or reminding people about a holiday that is coming up. When you have one little thing that is different, people will notice.

One of the other aspects that relates to advertising is customer service. People will see the ad and they will respond. The ball is in your court at this point and this is where you need to show off your awesome customer service skills. Answer all the questions that they have and really be prompt in helping them out. People that are just browsing and trying to learn more do not want to waste their time on a canned message that you have memorized. Really ask them questions and listen to what they have to say so you can create a healthier customer relationship with them.

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