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Questions to ask for market positioning

Whether you looking to position your new business or want to gain a better market share through your marketing there are certain questions that you should ask. By taking the time to really identify your market and know what you want to gain you will be able to position your business much better in its market. Keep in mind that these questions should work in conjunction with your market plan. Trying to answer these questions on their own without a marketing plan will not give you the information that you are looking for. In addition, it will not give you the tools that you need for successful market positioning. Here are questions to ask for market positioning-

- What value does my product or service offer to my target market? The first piece of information that you need to have to correctly position your business is to understand what value your product or service has for your target market. Your customers will be looking to buy your product or service because of what is in it for them. This makes it crucial that you understand this piece of information and you are able to respond appropriately with your marketing. Keep in mind that you will need both a concise and an honest answer for this question if you are going to market effectively. If you base your marketing on your consumers expectations that cannot be met they will quickly become frustrated and disenchanted with your business and move on to someone else.
- How can I reach my target market? Today, there are more ways then ever to market to your target market. However, it is a mistake to assume that you should simply try them all and see what works best. This is simply a waste of time and money. Instead you need to focus your marketing positioning on careful market research that shows where your customers are most likely to receive your marketing message. Once you have this information you can design a market positioning message that will be much more effective and successful in showing your customers what you have to offer them.
- What do I want to tell my target market? Once you know why your customers will want to buy your product you will need to decide what you want to tell them. It is always better to stick with the truth and let your customers know of your business value. If you base your marketing claims on things that are not true with your product or service it will only backfire and damage your business. Keep in mind that there are certain qualities and conditions that many consumers are highly interested in and believe in. This means that if you market your product with the information that it is green, free trade, or organic then you need to be sure that it is really is. There are many different businesses that have seriously damaged their reputation and suffered financially by marketing ideas that were not true and correct.
- How can I show my target market that I understand their needs? You want to make sure that above all your marketing makes your business relatable to your target market. You want to make sure that your business shows your customers that you understand their needs and wants and have what they are looking for more then your competition. Keep in mind that the base of effective marketing is establishing a relationship with your customers. Once you can show your customers that you have the solution they are looking for they will view your business with trust and credibility which will position you as the expert in your market.

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