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The trick to being a unique blogger

manwithheadphones30324965.jpgIf you want to have a blog that helps your search engine rankings, and can reflect on yourself and your site well, to get you high SERP's, you should consider the following ten ways to be a unique, interesting, and useful blogger:

Tip 1. Establish Voice - You want people to read something you write, and without even looking at the by line know that it was you. You should put your unique style of writing and spin into everything you post. If it doesn't fit your voice, don't post it.

Tip 2. Stick to a topic or a few topics - You want people to know that if they go to your blog they will be able to find consistent information about whatever topic it is that they are seeking. Narrow your writing down to a topic or two that you can speak consistently about, and you will get a following.

Tip 3: Look good- the first two tips are about creating quality content that is from you, now you need to package it nicely. Think of it like a gift. The better designed your blog is, the more attractive, and better impression it makes on people who visit it.

Tip 4: Try to address topics first- there are a million blogs about a million things. If you want to really stand out, be the first one to suggest something and then provide useful and insightful information on it. For example, at one point no one was really using social media to make money for their company, so starting a blog about doing that would mean higher revenues.

Tip 5: Choose your name wisely- fun names, interesting names, informative names, witty names, all go a long way in helping people remember you, and want to visit your site. If you had two blogs about baking, and one was named Baker's Blog, and the other Decadent Desserts, which do you think you would visit? Names do matter.

Tip 6: Create a distinctive identity. If you are not going to blog as yourself, make sure you characterize your blogging. Think of it like a book, where you need people to understand the characters so that they understand the information being provided.

Tip 7: Multi-media use- a great way to make your blog unique is to mix up what you post on it as far as how you post on it. You will want to use a combination of video, photo, images, text, and audio to make the posts have a wider application and more impact.

Tip 8: Get's people thinking- If you want your blog to be unique, don't spend every post pushing people to other sites. Instead, give some great depth in your content where you can provoke thought, inspire people, and get them doing more than browsing over the surface of what you have to say, but really reading it.

Tip 9:Be consistent in your frequency- A blog can't get a following if they never provide anything new to follow. When it comes to frequency you have two options that are of value. You can post all the time so that your readers know that you will always be on top of breaking news in your industry, or you can post so rarely that people know when you do post it is worthwhile stuff. Most users tend to like the first option best.

Tip 10: Make it useful- Every post should answer the question "What do my followers want to know?" Or, "How is this helping my followers in their lives?" If you aren't providing useful information, stop blogging.

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