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Is your brand telling your story?

groupplanning26668223.jpgBranding is a big part of developing a successful business. Branding provides customers with instant recognition of your products, logo, slogan, and your company. A strong brand will have its own reputation and it will distinguish your business apart from your competitors and it will also help to tell your companies story to your customers. Your brand tells a story to your customers. Here are some brands to consider and the story that immediately is attached to them:

  • Nike - shoes, swoosh, professional athletes, victory
  • Apple - computers, innovation, iPod
  • Microsoft - technology, software, computers

These three examples and keywords that are attached to their names provide you with an instant story the second you hear their name. Have you had experience with these companies? Was your experience favorable and did you find that it told you a story when you saw the brand?

A quality brand allows you to easily connect with your target audience. When you focus on branding you will be able to position your company in its respective industry and you can gain an edge over your competition. It can take years for you to develop a quality brand but once you have its reputation built, you must focus on protecting it. Your company's reputation is essential to keeping your business healthy and to providing your customers with the quality service they deserve.

Make a list of all the brands that you respect and what have you been able to learn from them? The best brands out there tell a story that is simply irresistible to you and it allows you to feel a connection with the company. When you are able to tell your story through your brand, it will be easy for your target audience to hear whatever message you send out and they will have a given interest in your company so it will be easier to convince them to purchase your products.

When you are laying out a story for your brand, reach for the heart. Your customers want to connect with your business on a personal level instead of always on a business level. Does your brand cause your target audience to go out and do something? Does your brand empower them? As you define your business goals and objectives and learn more about your customers and their needs, you will easily be able to create a branding message that will strengthen your business and will provide your customers with the service they are seeking. A quality brand strikes that emotional chord you need to hit with your customers and it speaks volumes to customers in your backyard just as effectively as it speaks to customers on another continent.

The reason why you need to create a story for your brand is to make it memorable. A story is easier to relate to and it's much easier to have a connection to a story than just a brand. A story attached to your brand also helps to breathe life into your business.

When you have a story to tell, your target audience will remember it and they will respond to it. You will be able to position your company in a place to become successful in your industry. Hire a company to help you develop a quality branding technique as it can take you years to master. Hiring a company to help you develop a brand is great as they will also watch your reputation to make sure the information out there is positive and will give your customers the best possible image of your company. Take your brand seriously and do everything possible to protect it.

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