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Proper positioning to set your business apart

manatcrossroads32184552.jpgWhen you have a great product or service, no one will hear about it if you aren't positioning your business to become a success. Positioning also helps your company develop stronger relationships with it's customers, allowing you to easily take your company to the next level.

Part of positioning comes down to your unique selling proposition or USP. What exactly is a USP? This refers to the distinguishing features of your company. What is the unique attribute your company has to offer to it's customers? Even if your product isn't really original or unique, you must develop a marketing strategy that convinces your customers that it is unique. Take a look at the fast food industry, just about every company sells the same thing, fries, burgers, etc. They all look for different ways to promote their particular food to convince customers to buy their product even though it is the same as others in the industry. If they are the only company out there marketing the uniqueness of their products, it will be simple to own the industry.

One way to create a unique marketing strategy with the product is to focus on one particular ingredient. For example, you can start offering a drink that includes Echinacea. Many people use Echinacea for its healing principles. It is used to fight off colds as it helps to strengthen the immune system. Develop a marketing plan that focuses on how your products include Echinacea. This will help to set your apart from others in your industry and strengthen your business. Having a "miracle ingredient" to advertise is a huge advantage to your business and it can generate the hype you need for your company.

Always consider USP when you are trying to develop a marketing strategy for your company. There is something about your company that you can promote that will earn the trust and interest of your customers. Here are some things you need to consider when you are trying to find what makes your company unique:

  • The uniqueness of your products or services

  • The way in which you sell your products to your customers

  • Your customer service skills that get your customers to come back for more

You really don't have to have this big product to send out to your customers, you just need to figure out how to market it in a way that convinces your customers that you have an amazing product. A lot of companies are able to charge their customers more money for their products and they are still able to get their customers to pay for them because of how well they treat their customers when they come into your store. Customer loyalty is huge for small businesses that are seeking to strengthen their revenue.

Here is a startup approach you can follow in order to develop a great marketing plan for your business:
1. How is your company unique? What are your products? How are your products unique?
2. Can you defend your reputation and prove that your products are unique?
3. Even if you don't have a unique product, can you promote it better than your competition?
4. How do your customers view your company? Do they see you as a quality company with good products? What is it about your company and products that convince your customers that you are truly better?
5. What type of value do you provide to your customers? Do your customers see that you have beneficial products and services that will be around for many years to come?

A great way to work on positioning your company is through your customer relationships. A good customer service policy will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and provide you with the value you need to boost your visibility.

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