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Tips for making your direct mail marketing successful

Many business owners feel that direct mail marketing is outdated and no longer used. However, studies show that if you want to up your sales in a short amount of time using direct mail can be highly effective in your marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing is a beneficial way to create a stronger relationship with your customers by reaching out to them. Best of all direct mail marketing often has a high rate of return since you are sending it to customers who have already shown an interest in your company or have already bought from you. You can use your direct mail marketing to show your existing customers how much you appreciate their business. Here are some tips for making your direct mail marketing successful.

There are certain things that you can do that will help to increase the success of your direct mail marketing. You want to avoid annoying your customers and having them throw your direct mail away. These tips can help to make your direct mail marketing efforts far more effective.
- Don't send spam-There is no faster way to annoy your customers then by sending letter after letter. If you are completely deluging your customers with direct mail they will quickly start to resent it and just toss it into the trash. You need to carefully time your direct mail efforts and make sure that you are offering something of value when you do send them. When you are credible and consistent without going overboard you are increasing the chance that your direct mail marketing will be successful. The bottom line is that you want your customers to eagerly anticipate your direct mail marketing and not simply toss it aside in annoyance.
- Make your message clear and concise-The most difficult task when it comes to direct mail marketing is making sure that your message is clear and concise. Keep in mind that just because your customers have something in their hand that doesn't mean that they will take the time to read through it to gain the pertinent information. You need to design your direct mail pieces so that the message is easily and quickly understandable. You should also make sure that each piece of direct mail is as personalized as possible and includes a call to action so that your customers will respond it right away.
- Avoid sending long surveys-It can be tempting to try and use your direct mail pieces to gain information from your customers. While this is certainly possible it is important to keep in mind that long surveys are not the way to do that. If you are going to use a direct mail piece to gain customer feedback you will need to concentrate what you want to know in two or three pertinent questions. If you can do this you will have a much better chance of getting the information that you are looking for. If you want more lengthy and detailed feedback your best chance for having your customers fill out a long survey is to offer a pretty substantial incentive.
- Design it to grab attention-Finally, it is important to understand that just like any other type of marketing effort your direct mail piece has competition. This competition can include but is not limited to: other direct mail pieces, bills, personal mail, and anything else that your customers receives in his or her mailbox. Because of this it is crucial that you design your direct mail piece so that it instantly grabs and keeps the attention of your customer. This will enable you to make your direct mail marketing as effective as it can possibly be.

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