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Tips for successful direct mail marketing

Direct mail is the marketing method of sending out your marketing message by mail. This usually involves sending postcards, flyers, catalogs, or brochures to large numbers of customers and potential customers. These mailings are meant to bring customers in to make a purchase. However, business owners who are thinking of using direct mail need to take into account the true cost of it. There are other costs besides the cost of the mailing piece itself. You will also need to calculate in the cost of obtaining a mailing list, postage, and other associated costs as the overall cost of the direct mailing.

Because of the wide variety of marketing methods many business owners overlook the use of direct mail marketing. The reality is that direct mail marketing is still a viable and quite successful way to get your marketing message out to your customers. Do not assume that because of the variety of high tech marketing options that direct mail is no longer effective. However, you should keep in mind that there are certain things that you do and not do in order to make your direct mail marketing effective. Knowing what these tips are can go a long way toward helping you get the result you want from your direct mail campaign. Here are some tips for successful direct mail marketing-
- Use a postcard size-Studies have shown that most people will stop to read a postcard when they will toss a full size ad into the trash. In addition, a postcard size mailing will stick out from the regular size mail that most people get. This means that you increase the chances that your target market will pick up your postcard and read it.
- Make the message instantly clear-Keep in mind that just like any other type of marketing you need to make sure that your marketing message is instantly clear. You will only have a few seconds to attract and keep the attention of your direct mail recipients. Because of this it is imperative that you make your marketing message short, clear, and concise. If it takes to long to read your marketing message most likely your postcard will end up in the trash.
- Offer an incentive-In order to insure the best return rate you should offer an incentive on your direct mailing pieces. Any kind of incentive will work if it is something that your customer will value. An incentive can include but is not limited to: a coupon for a percentage off, a free trial or sample product, a cash back offer, a special service, a special deal for a limited time, a VIP experience or anything else that your customers will value. Remember that you need to include an expiration date in order to create a sense of urgency.
- Target your existing customer base-Many times' business owners make the mistake of thinking that direct mail is only for attracting new customers. However, studies show that existing customers respond well to direct mailings. By targeting your existing customer base you are further establishing the marketing relationship with them. Keep in mind that another advantage to using your existing customer base is that you will already have some idea of their buying preferences. This means that you can target the direct mailing to exactly what your customers are looking for.
- Set appropriate response goals-You will need to set realistic response goals. Make sure that you have coded each direct mail piece so that you know who is coming in because of it. Keep in mind that while not everyone will respond if you have followed these tips you should get a healthy response rate to your direct mailing.

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