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Understanding buyer motives

ladyonphone30745252.jpgIt is difficult for most businesses to figure out buyer motives. Quite often people are influences by their wants over their needs. Many people buy things to satisfy their ego need, which is why this country is so far in debt. Customers are not going to buy when they are not ready; it's as plain and simple as that. Most buyers will purchase something because they want it. A buyer will pay favor to a certain product because they have convinced themselves that it is needed now and that it makes sense to purchase it. So what is behind buyer motives? Here are a few tips that may help you figure out your buyer's motives:

  • Want. A lot of people will purchase something because they want it. Perhaps their friend purchased the product and this has convinced that they need it now.
  • Frustration level. A lot of people will hold off purchasing a product until they can't wait any longer. Most of them will absolutely convince themselves that they just have to have it now so they will buy it, even if they don't have the money for it.
  • Extra cash. There are a lot of buyers that wait until pay day until they go out shopping. This is because they often feel that they have disposable cash on pay day. Tax returns are another reason why a lot of people will purchase extra products when they don't need them.
  • Love to shop. Millions of people buy things because they simply love to shop. They don't really need it, they just want it because its there. A lot of these buyers convince themselves that they deserve to have this product and it gives them a temporary sense of gratification.

A great way to find out what your buyer motives are is to have surveys. Find out why some of the people purchase products. Is it because of price? What about the name brand? Do they shop because they are bored and just love to shop? If you can ask survey questions, you can find out a ton of information about your buyers and this will really help you when it comes time to prepare a marketing strategy. You will be able to figure out when you should target certain groups of people (like tax return time) and when your sales are going to be slow (January, when the Christmas credit card bills are due).

Companies can often figure out buyer motives by speaking to their customers and having positive interaction with them. Several people will buy your product if you have good persuasive skills. It helps to have a great product to market in the first place. When you are interacting with your customers, find out what motivates them to shop at your store. This will help you predict their buying patterns in the future.

If you aren't getting the feedback you want from your customers, ask them to shop at your store. You can do this by sending out marketing flyers that discount products or offer a free product in conjunction with a purchase of another one. Asking for business may sound odd, but it is a great way to gain attention and to get customers to come to your store. When you ask for business, you can figure out how this motivates some of your customers. Many of them will lose control and just spend money once they get in the store because of all the low prices you offer, others will stick to a list and stay on budget. No matter what type of buyers you have, make sure you are offering the best products available for low prices.

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