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Simple ways to turn onetime customers into regular ones

interview26236689.jpgOnetime customers are often given little attention from business owners because they feel that they are a lost cause. Many companies fail to recognize the reason why these individuals spend money on their product to begin with. Before you just toss onetime customers to the side, you need to think about the potential revenue you are tossing out the window. One of the biggest marketing strategies you will create is marketing to your onetime customers. A onetime customer provides so many benefits over a new customer. Onetime customers are familiar with your products and services, you don't need to spend time convincing them to buy your product, they have been there, done that.

Onetime customers also understand the type of business you are. They know if your products have value and if your company has a solid reputation to support the value of your products. One thing you need to do for the benefit of your company is promote your brand. Onetime customers will quickly recognize your brand if they see it on a pen, or as another promotional product. Sometimes just getting your name out there will convince them to purchase your product again, especially if they had a favorable experience the last time they purchased products from you.

Find ways to reach your onetime customers using promotional products. These products can be given out by other companies. Try offering these products for free as a thank-you gift for shopping at your store or for shopping at another store you partner with. Each time your onetime customer looks at their pen, they will have a strong business image in mind and it could cause them to tell others about your company. Even if they never buy a new product again, at least they are using word-of-mouth marketing to get your message out there and to let others know about your company. Offering promotional products is a great way to boost customer retention. People love free stuff, even if it is just a simple pen.

Another way to get onetime customers to come back and join your database is to offer surveys. You don't need to pay them, but you do need to tempt them with some type of prize for doing the survey. Offer to enter their name into a promotional drawing if they take the time to fill out your survey. Once you have their information, it's time to start sending them promotional mailers. Send them mailers, flyers, and emails to keep their interest peaked in your company. It may take a few months, but they will eventually bite on one of the marketing ploys you use.

When your customers shop at your store make sure to print coupons on the back of their receipt. This will encourage your customers to come back to the store within a short time frame and this can turn a onetime customer into a regular one.

Every product you sell must have your contact information on it somewhere. Even if you are selling soda and candy bars, put a little sticker with your company name and web site on there. This way, the customer will be reminded of your company when they go to open the candy bar. While this isn't the best marketing technique to use to turn onetime customers into regular ones, it does work and it's a great way to brand your company.

The more you can remind a onetime customer of their experience with your company, the higher your chances will be of getting them to buy from you again. Make sure the products you offer your customers are quality and that you have a strong company reputation when you market your products.

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