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The 3 A's of marketing, aim, act, assess

groupofcoworkers32012584.jpgMarketing is a crucial part of any successful business. It is important that a business' marketing team has a good plan for developing their marketing strategy. Using the three A's of marketing can help a marketing team, and therefore a company, be successful in their endeavors. This article discusses the three A's of marketing; aim, act, assess.


One of the three A's of marketing is aim. There are many factors that attribute to this marketing A. One of the factors is aiming the marketing campaign at the right audience. A business owner should ask them self, "who do I want to target through my marketing campaign?" Asking this question is a great way to help an employer and a marketing team aim for the audience that they feel would best benefit from their goods and/or services. If the employer or marketing team did not aim toward the right audience the entire marketing campaign would be less effective or possibly ineffective.

Another part of the first marketing A is for the employer or marketing team to set goals. Setting goals should definitely be one of the first things that a marketing team should do. A marketing team needs goals to aim for so that they can work for and achieve something. Without goals a marketing team would have no direction.

Deciding on a course of direction and planning is another factor in aim. A marketing team must decide where they are headed and make a plan before they Act or they will not be successful. Taking the time to plan will also help a marketing team avoid costly mistakes before they cause a lot of trouble for the business.


Acting is the second A of marketing. This A is the time when all of the aiming and planning pays off. Marketing teams will take their goals and planning and put them into action. If they have planned well, they should be successful in their endeavors.

Just as the aiming part of marketing took a lot of time and energy, the acting part will likely take a lot of time and energy too. But many times the acting part of marketing is fun. The marketing team will be able to see how important the planning portion of marketing is when they are putting together their commercials, billboards, or fliers.


Assessing is the last of the three A's of marketing. Assessing is probably the A that takes the least amount of time, is not quite as fun, but is as essential as the other marketing A's. A marketing team needs to take the time to assess both their aiming and their acting of their marketing process. This assessment will allow them to see their successes and their failures. Assessing marketing can help the marketing team correct their mistakes for future marketing endeavors, and help them know what worked for them and that they may be able to use it again.

By aiming for the right audience, setting goals, and planning, a marketing team will be able to act on their plan to make a great marketing campaign. And assessing their successes and failures will help the marketing team get better with each marketing campaign they work on. Following the three A's of marketing can help a marketing team create a successful marketing campaign and help their business thrive.

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