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What you should know about putting together a marketing plan

Just like any other aspect of your business you need to put together a plan when it comes to the way you market your company, products, and services. Having a plan will help you determine what you need to do to best help your business be successful for the long term. Your marketing plan can fall under the auspices of your business plan or be a separate document. However, you decide to formulate your marketing plan the key to its success will be in the type and depth of market research that you have used to create it. Here is what you should know about putting together a marketing plan-

- Find your target market-The number one mistake that new business owners make when it comes to marketing is that they assume they can be all things to all people. The reality is that not everyone will want or even need your product or service. This is not a reflection of the quality of your product or service but rather a basic premise as to how the market works. Instead you need to use your market research to determine those customers who are most likely to buy your product or service and then market directly to them. It can be helpful to begin the market research process by conducting customer surveys and checking out social media sites to see what and who is being talked about. Do not skimp on the amount of time that you spend on this part of the marketing plan since it is perhaps the most crucial.
- Understand what you will use your marketing plan for-Your marketing plan is not just a receptacle for your market research but rather a tool that will help you position your product or service in the best place in the market. You will use your marketing plan to determine how you should place your product or service, where you will you sell it, and how you will promote it. When this is done correctly then marketing of the product or service will be effective and you will attract the right customers. Taking your market research and breaking it down into these components will give you the marketing strategy you will need to employ in order to be successful.
- Keep the timing in mind-The reality of marketing is that there are plenty of products and service that have been great but the business owner has not taken timing into account when it came to marketing them. You need to make sure that you are introducing your product or service at the time that most customers will be attracted to buying it. For example-If the peak season for your product will be during warm weather months then you will need to time the launch to occur just ahead of summertime. You want to market your product or service in such a way that your customers will excitedly be searching for it. This entails making sure that your marketing message does not reach your customers too soon or too late to capitalize on good timing.
- Use your creativity-Too often business owners get caught up in the science of marketing and forget about adding their own creativity. You need to keep in mind that marketing is as much an art as it is a science. You will need to be highly creative to make sure that your marketing message stands out above the crowd of marketing messages that your customers already receive everyday. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to attract and keep the attention of your target market so you will need to be creative in your marketing plan.

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