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Writing a great ad

When creating a good ad, you should take your idea or product, and write a sentence for each of the following areas. Then, use the information you created to create a basis for your ad content. A great ad will address each of these five areas, and do so in a fun or exciting way.

1.Problem: What problem exists that gave you inspiration for this idea?

The first thing you want to do is present a problem that your target market faces. This can be anything from a slow computer to a smelly gym bag. Basically, what problem are you hoping to solve or address with your product, service, or idea? It is important to present yourself as a solution, but before you can have a solution, there needs to be a problem that has to be solved.

2.Solution: How does your product, service, or idea solve the problem?

This is a crucial part of a successful ad. You have presented the problem, now position yourself as the solution to the problem. You are the in bag air freshener and odor absorber, or the software that cleans up a system so that it runs faster, or whatever the case may be. You have to position yourself as the solution to their problem.

3.Benefit: What benefit or benefits do you offer to the target user?

So far you have said, here is a problem, I am the solution, now you have to explain why you are a better solution or what benefits you bring to the table that other brands do not. For example, you can get your computer running faster without leaving your home, or being without it for several days as you would if you took it in somewhere to be repaired. Spell out the benefits, do not assume they know them. Remember you want to show them that you are providing them with value.

4.How does it work:. Describe how your product, service, or idea is used.

Now you explain what is required, and how it works. For example, you can say, "Just install the software on your computer, and it will do the rest." Whatever your product, service, or idea, a short explanation of how it is used (focus on the simplicity of use) will help customers have confidence that they can use your solution to their problems.

5.Overcome obstacles: Now you want to overcome whatever the major obstacles a consumer might have before making a purchase.

This can be something as simple as breaking it into easy installment payments, or online and telephone customer support. The idea is to ally any fears or concerns a customer may have, and help eliminate any of the reasons they may not be willing to purchase. This will help them feel more confident in their purchase or your product, service, or idea.

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