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2 way pagers - good for your business?

The topic of this article is whether or not two-way pagers are a good idea for your business. Now, when we are talking about two way pagers, we aren't talking about the pager that your first boss owned when you were sixteen and working at the mall. When you think about a pager, you are probably thinking about that small yet bulky black box that was hooked onto the belt buckle, that didn't do a whole lot except for beep and flash a phone number that you were supposed to call when someone wanted you, like your boss or your mother if you were out past your curfew.

Well, these two way pagers are nothing like that old eighties and early nineties idea of cutting edge technology did. Today's two way pagers are a completely new ballgame. Two way pagers can allow you to send messages, since they have an alphanumeric keyboard, instead of just numbers. You can store information on them, like address books, phone numbers, and more. These two way pagers are always at the ready. Probably the closest thing that you can compare them to is a laptop in terms of functionality and convenience in communication. You can email on a two way pager. But the difference between laptops and two way pagers is that two way pagers are actually far more convenient in terms of communication than laptops. Let's look at the differences.


  • large and awkward most of the time

  • short battery life

  • long start up time

  • loud typing noise

Two way pager

  • small and convenient; can fit in a pocket

  • batteries can last for at least ½ a week

  • runs continuously

  • comfortable, low profile, quiet typing

With a two way pager, you can conveniently and unobtrusively email during meetings, check important documents stored on your two way pager. You won't be interrupting meetings with your rude and loud typing during meetings, if you really need to send that email. You are probably now thinking that instead of comparing a two way pager to a laptop, we should be comparing a two way pager to some sort of PDA device or a Blackberry. Now this is an important and quite valid point to make. Now that the majority of PDA devices come with wireless network capabilities so that they can be connected to a LAN, they have essentially the same functionality as a two way pager.

So, what it comes down to is that you need to consider what is going to be the best investment for you in terms of cost and in terms of the different accouterments and amenities for whichever device that you are thinking of buying. A two way pager can be a valuable and productive investment for your business. It can enable employees to easily contact each other when they need information from another employee, when they need to get a report, when they want to see how things are going at a meeting. A two way pager can improve communication within your company, as long as people actually use them. A two way pager, however, can also be a disruption. People might not like to be constantly available. They might not want people to always be able to contact them. They might be frustrated if they feel like they are always on call. However, you will find that your employees will probably get used to having a pager. And if they don't like always being on call, then they can leave their two way pager at the office when they go home, except for in the case of really important situations or emergencies. In summary, a two way pager can be a valuable addition to your office as you strive to improve communication within your office and coordinate your employees. You will need to conduct research and decide what your office needs are so that you can decide whether or not you want to purchase two way pagers, or some other PDA.

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