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Making business travel easier

car67938962.jpgAre you frequently traveling for your business? How can you cut your travel expenses so you don't put your company in a hard financial situation? There are several ways to cut back on expenses and to also make business travel much easier. Continue reading on for additional information as to how you can save money and reduce your travel stress load.

Business credit cards
A number of business credit cards can help to cut down on the travel expenses by providing you with SkyMiles and reward points. As you begin to build up additional reward points, you will be able to start to receive free airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and many other things. The other benefit you will have is being able to receive discounts on hotel stays and other discounts due to having corporate status. Just watch yourself as to how much money you carry over on the balance of the card and ensure that you are paying it off in a timely manner. The interest rate on the credit card must also be low in order to justify keeping the card. Just about every credit card company has a business credit card account so you need to look into the various companies and find those that will treat you fairly.

Frequent Flyer
Since security measures won't allow you to take food or drink with you through the security terminals, you usually need to buy water or food after you get past the security terminals. So what can you do to avoid paying $6.99 for an 8 ounce bottle of water? Becoming a frequent flyer will offer you a number of great benefits like getting free meals or at least free water after you get through the terminal.The booking club rooms will be at your service if you are a frequent flyer and it's a great way to have first-class service!

Stay Connected
Since delays are common, businesses men and women can waste a lot of time waiting. You need to stay connected with your mobile devices in order to ensure your flight is on time and that you are going to make your flight. Smartphones and laptops can help you stay connected with the airline in order to get the latest information. Most airlines will send you text message updates pertaining to your flight and they will also send you tracking information as well.

Talk to the airport
Not only do you have the hassle of waiting for a delayed flight, you can overcompensate for the airport itself. Security lines can take less than 2 minutes to get through but other times they can take 1 hour or longer. Contact the airport before you leave and inquire about the security lines, this will help you to gauge your time better. Sometimes having an extra 10 minutes at home can really cut down on your stress burden. Another way to do this is by using the popular travel website Orbitz and use their tool "Orbitz Traveler Update" as it will offer you real-time information from other travelers. You can learn about the security line wait time, traffic, and parking issues. This will help you save a lot of time waiting around or not planning enough time and getting stuck in the long lines. Similar to the information you can find from the airlines website, Orbitz will also help you keep track of your flight status information as well. They update the information for not only the flight status but also for the baggage claims as well. The independent websites typically offer great information and it's updated much faster from the airlines websites.

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