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Improving your business with time and attendance

businessportrait30393821.jpgWhen employees arrive to work late, it starts to impact the overall employee morale of your organization. Your company will struggle with organizational issues and you may find it challenging to keep your employees focused on their jobs. As the owner or manager, one of your primary roles and responsibilities to make sure your employees are arriving to work on time and that they are following the rules. Employees that are calling in all the time to use sick leave, even if they do not have sick leave can really start to wear on your company, especially on the responsible employees. What can you do to work on time and attendance with your staff? Here are some things that may help.

Discuss the rules with your employees at the time they are hired and again during regular meetings.What you need to do during these meetings is address some of the problems you have seen with time and attendance and then talk to them about things that need to change. Try to incorporate the importance of time and attendance with your company's strategic plan, specifically how you need these employees to be on time and to avoid calling-in too often as it can hurt the company in the next 5-10 years with the goals you have set forth.

Meet with each of your employees to discuss their time and attendance and to see how they are doing. You also need to address issues or concerns you may have and ask for their opinion. Finding out what your employees think and feel about attendance and time issues will really help you out as you may find that adjusting your hours will have a large improvement. Some companies have found that opening an hour earlier helps people to come in because they like to leave an hour earlier. Leaving at 4:00 versus 5:00 in the afternoon may help to motivate a lot of your employees and will encourage them to come into work with higher morale and motivation.

For additional tips on how you can learn new ways to strengthen your employee's time and attendance issues, sign up for industry newsletters and attend seminars. These newsletters will provide you with new tools that can help to strengthen your organization such as buying new time and attendance software. This is vital for your human resources department to manage payroll along with time off and sick leave. As your company gets larger, it is vital to have strong systems in place that will help you to pay your employees properly and to track your employees in an organized and effective manner.

There are software programs out there that will allow you to not only track the changes and other things but they will print out the timecards every other week and make note of the late arrivals and missed days. Having a program to track this and proof that you showed it to the employees will help you in the event that you need to lay off some employees because they are violating the time and attendance policy.

Another way to try and get your employees to take notice of the time and attendance policy is by rewarding the employees that follow it. Just like elementary schools that offered ice cream for perfect attendance, you need to show your employees how important it is to your organization by offering rewards as well.

Send some of your HR representatives to seminars where they can learn about new ways to track time and attendance. Biometric clock systems will make it easy to keep track of your employee's time. Some companies also use key fob devices that clock the time when an employee is in the building, this helps you to see if they are arriving late or if they are taking longer breaks or too many breaks.

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