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Communication, the easiest way to improve your business

worriedmanonphone19220161.jpgEvery business needs to have effective communication in order to fun properly. Communication allows your staff to stay on target with one another and provides the business with a team working atmosphere. Everyone will be able to accomplish their jobs in a timely manner if they can communicate effectively. A manager that excels at communication will be able to manage their staff better, interact with customers well, and can easily handle a board room meeting.

Part of effective communication lies in your ability to be clear. When you designate projects and jobs to your staff, do you clearly communicate what needs to be done or do you have employees that are confused and frustrated after talking to you? Clarity is a big part of communication and you need to focus on sending out the right message in order to gain the results you are looking for.

Communication is non-verbal and verbal. Listening and your physical actions play a huge role in communication. When your employees are talking to you are you giving them eye contact and nodding along when they are talking? Are you listening to your employees when they talk and do you repeat some of the things that they say? When you are truly listening to them, you are cancelling out all of the other distractions that may turn away your attention from what your employees are saying. Repeating a few things that they say helps to show them that you are paying attention to them and that you are trying to provide them with the help and strength that they need in a manager.

Here are some communication tips that will clearly communicate your message to your employees or to your audience:
1. Focus on the tone of your voice. Do you find employees disinterested in what you have to say? Maybe the content is great but your voice tone and strength is lacking. Talking fast or talking too slow can cause your employees to nod off or go in the other direction when you are talking because you are boring and your voice is monotone. If you talk fast because you are nervous, take a few deep breaths and try to slow down and pace yourself.
2. Speak clearly. Enunciate when you are talking as this will make your words clear and directions you offer to your employees clear.
3. Watch the volume of your voice when you are talking. A soft tone or a loud tone can kill a conversation in an instant. Change the tone of your voice to fit the appropriate situation. If you are at a podium and speaking to a large audience, you will need to speak louder. When speaking to a small group of people or just a single person, speak softly.
4. Avoid mixed signals. Another big problem you will face when you are talking is mixed signals. While you may be saying one things your hand gestures and facial expressions may be saying another. When you are delivering some information, watch these mixed signals as your employees may feel like your joking when you are saying something serious.
5. When you are talking, never apologize for what you are saying or for "lack of preparation". No matter what, you need to be in command and in control of what you are saying to people. If you start out by saying "I'm sorry" your audience will immediately turn you off.
6. If you don't know what to say, never use filler words like "um" and "ahhh". Your best shot is to stay silent if you don't know what to say at that time

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