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How to have a successful Facebook campaign

laptop30767380.jpgBusinesses are just beginning to realize the importance of social media in their marketing plan. This is especially true when it comes to using Facebook, to promote their product or service. Facebook as become a new center for information and reviews, as consumers go online more and more to find what they are looking for. Savvy business owners find that using Facebook to market their product or service is a profitable way to add to their bottom line, if it is done correctly. It is important to understand that now matter what type of business you are marketing that there are certain factors, if they are done correctly and implemented into your overall marketing strategy, will up the likelihood of your Facebook campaign being successful.If you fail to follow certain guidelines, your Facebook campaign can do serious Public Relations damage to your company's reputation. Here is what you need to know about how to have a successful Facebook campaign-

  • Make sure that your Facebook profile stands out-Remember that if you are going to post your company on Facebook, you want to make a good impression, and stand out, from the competition. Your Facebook profile should present you how you want your target market to view you-as a trusted resource and expert on your area of the market. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab visitors to your site, so your profile must be interesting and intriguing enough to catch their attention and keep it. It must also be able to present the information you want quickly. Make sure that anyone visiting your company's Facebook page can get the information they need in a precise and to the point way. You must use language that is simple and effective. Make sure that you do not have anything your page that is irrelevant or will just be a distraction. Keep in mind that you an also post photos and videos, to help create interest and gain attention, but these should only be items that will reflect well on you and your company, professionally.
  • Make sure that you are approaching others on Facebook in the right manner-To often business owners forget that the main purpose of Facebook is social networking and not as a business tool. This should help you keep your marketing approach in perspective. You must remember that no one on Facebook will want to be sold in an aggressive manner. You need to focus on building a relationship first, and then you can promote or sell your product or service over time.
  • Make sure you use Facebook Fan Pages-This important facet of Facebook can be a great place for your contacts and clients, to leave feedback and comments. They can share, exchange views and interact on this platform. Marketing experts agree that using Fan pages can help build your brand awareness (and hopefully loyalty), and give added exposure to your company. If Fan pages are used correctly this can mean free publicity for your business. This word of mouth advertising can do a lot toward spreading the word about your business, and in turn increasing sales.
  • Make sure that you get involved in Facebook-This means that you need to be pro-active in your groups. You should try to participate on a regular basis in discussions and participate in group events. This can give your company a great deal of exposure and high profile visibility. You can make your business look much more appealing if you take the time to participate in the different facets that Facebook offers. Just make sure that however, you are contributing to Facebook that it is of value to your target market. If you fail to do this, those who are interested in what you can offer, will quickly tire of you and move on.
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