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Dealing with employee whining

arguingcoworkers23282211.jpgEvery manager has a breaking point and employee whining can trigger it in a hurry. If you have employees that tend to whine, there are some things you can do to limit their whining and to prevent it from becoming a toxic effect on the work environment. Here are some tips to deal with employee whining:

  • Don't add fuel to the fire. If you know you have an employee that is prone to whining, don't give them any more ammunition. If you give into their whining, they will continue to do it as they see they are giving empathy and more attention. This "poor me" personality can be toxic in the workplace. When other employees come to you with their complaints about this employee, be sure to tell them to stop adding fuel to the fire by listening to this person whine daily.
  • Whining is the choice of the person. This employee likes the attention they get when they whine. This person enjoys feeling this way and they like to complain about it constantly. While everyone may need to whine once and awhile, when an employee does it daily it will drag down the employee morale in the workplace. 30 seconds of whining is completely different from 30 minutes of whining. As a manager, you need to nip whining in the bud in a hurry. When the employee begins to whine and act like a victim, walk away or change the subject.
  • Whining is a personal choice that is not accepted in the office. If you have an employee that is whining and dragging down employee morale, let them know that their behavior is impacting the team. Make it clear that the workplace is not a place for whining. Offer them a phone number to a psychiatrist or doctor that can listen to them and provide them with the support that they need to feel better about their life. Just make sure you aren't giving into their whiny behavior by opening your office door to listen to their complaints for hours.

As a manager you are going to deal with whining and personalities that are hard to get along with. Patience is one of the best ways to deal with employee whining. You need to take a deep breath when your employees are whining and try to keep your patience before you let loose on them and deal with a number of problems from your backlash.

If you can't handle their whining, another option you have is to only talk to them about work-related information. Ignoring the behavior is a great way to deal with employee whining. When you ignore the behavior, they won't talk about their personal problems in the office.

When the whining starts to drag down the workplace, meet with the employees and let them know this behavior must change immediately. Take a look at some consequences you can enact in the office to eliminate their behavior from becoming a toxic infection on everyone.

Fuel a positive working environment in order to generate the response you want from your employees. How can you create a harmonious working environment? There are several things you need to do including the following:

  • Team working environment. When you can create an environment where everyone works together and supports each other, you will have an easier time destroying the negative behavior that is dragging down the company.

  • Employee appreciation. Although employee whining can make it a challenge to appreciate your staff, you must show this person that they are a hard worker and you appreciate their help. Make sure you recognize the good and bad behavior and take steps to help them become a better employee.

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