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How to conduct quality control

Knowing how to conduct quality control within your company is a vital skill for any company and office manager, whether you are involved in the service industry, in the manufacturing industry, in the computer industry, or any other industry out there.

By following these few simple steps and guidelines, you can implement quality control within your company, both in terms of your products' quality and the quality of your employees.

There are a number of different ways that you can conduct quality control.Some of these methods use complex statistical analysis.One of these methods is called a process capability study; it is a part of statistical quality control.

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is simply the way that you as a manager can find evidence about the quality and the reliability of your company's products and services.You need this evidence so that your employees and your customers have confidence and trust in the quality of your products.
Quality control is a number of different set actions that you put together as a company to ensure that you consistently produce quality products and services.
Quality control and quality assurance involves both your customers and your shareholders.

Statistical process control

Statistical process control is a manner of approaching process control that makes use of complicated mathematical procedures to ensure consistent quality control.
Some examples of statistical process control are Six Sigma quality control.The way that Six Sigma works is by keeping all deviations in the quality of your products and services within six standard deviations.
Some examples of processes and products that can be subject to statistical quality process control are the production of equipment.
It can also be the way that particular clerical procedures are carried out.Data entry can be controlled through statistical process control, for example.
Even customer service and order processing can be analyzed through statistical quality control.

Process capability studies

Process capability studies help you determine how many products that you are manufacturing are not matching the specifications that you have put forward for an acceptably reliable product.Here are the steps to follow when conducting a process capability study.

1.Choose a product sample for your process capability study.
2.Ensure that you yourself understand the parameters of the process capability study.Understanding the process means that you understand the parameters and the critical apparatus for the process capability study.
3.Look carefully at the lower specification limit and the upper specification limit to see where the critical parameter is.
4.Finally, calculate the value of the process capability indices.These indices are CP and CPK.
5.If the value of the process capability indices is one, then your samples are within your specified limits.However, if the value of the process capability indices is less than one, then different parts of your product samples are not within the specifications that you have set.If the value of your process capability indices is more than one, then your product samples are performing extremely well.

Tips for implementing and conducting quality control

Ensure that everyone within your company or office is on the same page with quality control procedures.
Come up with a quality control assurance team that is in charge of working with employees to ensure quality control.
Consult an outside expert who can aid you in coming up with quality control procedures that are best for your company's products and services.
Involve everyone in your company in the quality control assurance procedures.Everyone contributes to the quality of your processes; everyone needs to understand the control processes.

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