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How to get your people to take pride in the quality of their work


What motivates a person? What motivates greatness? Motivation is a great desire to accomplish something. Motivation is what makes Olympic runners sprint faster then anyone has ever run before. Motivation is what pushes technology to the limit. Wouldn't it be great to motivate your employees in a way that they could actually take pride in the quality of their work? To do that the work that they are doing needs to be honorable initially. Do honest business and you will attract employees that will do the same.

Taking pride in quality of work starts with an example
. Be the one to show your company how important work is for success. Have meetings with them and seminars where they can ask questions, listen to seasoned professionals, and look at actual graphs of the company's growth. Motivation can be sparked when people know that they make a difference. Sometimes the day goes by so slow and the work that has been done seems so mundane that they can quickly forget how important their jobs are to the betterment of your business. Reminding your employees constantly that quality work produces quality results will help them put their game faces on.

Some would argue that having regular meetings and motivational speakers is a waste of money and that it doesn't actually work. A motivational speaker can only inspire an employee to a certain point. From there, you have to strike while the iron is hot and put into effect a plan that will actually take hold and make an employee produce quality results.

Here is an example. A plastic producing company is dabbling in different areas of the market. The boss has just decided to take the company into the Tupperware area of the market. He wants the employees to realize how big of opportunity they have to produce new and improved products that could actually affect the market and expand the company into a larger corporation. To motivate the employees, he pumps them up with a meeting where he shows how much the company has done in the past year. From there, he shows the projected growth that could possibly happen if they work hard. This greatly excites the staff and they are ready to go out and do what is needed to make this projection a successful year end report. About halfway through the year, the boss brings in a motivational speaker to pump them up again. After he is done, the boss shows them how far they have come and tells them that the work they are doing will make the company reach its goal soon if they keep producing the quality work they have been doing.

Taking pride in the quality work is something that you can help motivate, but actually creating inside of a person who doesn't have a desire to do this is a danger to your company. If this means firing certain people and actually starting over in some departments may be a completely necessary. It is a waste to put so much effort into an employee whose desires are elsewhere. Hire people who have a gleam in their eyes and look like a hard-working person. From there, if the person has a desire to work hard, motivating them to do quality work will not be as big of an undertaking.

Always strive to do quality work yourself.
Stick to your goals and schedule that you have made for yourself. Keep a strong work ethic and your employees will notice the work that you do. Pretty soon, your example will reflect in the work of your employees and the pride that they take in the quality of work they do for you.

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