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How to manage for business productivity and success

contractor30905267.jpgBusiness productivity and success are often thought of as the roadmap for any business. While business success comes through proper productivity, you are leaving out one important ingredient, how the business is managed. Proper business management starts at the most senior level within a company and each person is held responsible as it works its way down the chain of command. The responsibility for success must come through proper leadership at the top of the company if you want your company to be truly successful.

To help managers, one of the first things a business needs to do is to create specific guidelines for the way in which the company should be run. They also need to spend time hammering out good job descriptions so each manger knows exactly what their roles are and so people do not overstep their boundaries within the company. When a manger tries to do too much, confusion often happens and you have several employees working in disarray.

For each manager, create a folder that is filled with relevant material that will allow them to do their job better. They can reference this information when difficult situations arise like the hiring and firing of an employee, managing a difficult employee, building teamwork, and reducing fraud. Having a folder of supportive materials will assist them during the training of employees and it will keep the basic structure of your business in tact and functioning properly.

Part of managing your employees comes down to establishing trust with them. You need to build relationships with them to let them know you are not only their manager, but their friend and confidant. Depending upon the type of business productivity you are looking for, being a kind person to your employees will give them extra motivation to work harder for you because they do not want to disappoint you. However, you still need to stick to the business policies when an employee is not following them. This is the best way to show your employees that you are there to listen, but you are also there to lead.

Business success comes through proper training of employees. Finding a great employee is hard enough to do but losing them can cause you to lose a lot of time and money. This is why it is important to properly train them and then hold regular training meetings so they can do their job well. It is also helpful to work hard on supporting them and providing them with proper feedback so they will enjoy their job and have a desire to keep working for you. Part of helping good employees to become great ones comes down to your ability to trust them. Can you trust them with big responsibilities like giving them a project to run where they are in charge of other employees? This is a great way to show your employees that you want to see them grow within the company and to stay there for a few years.

Another big part of good management is your ability to communicate with your employees. With the various forms of technology that is available, there is no reason why a manger should ever have miscommunication with their employees. A successful business has certain procedures that must be strictly followed and they only happen because of proper communication within the company. Email is one of your best allies, just make sure the written instructions you give are easy to understand. Hold weekly staff meetings to keep all of your employees on the same page. Keep the meetings brief so the employees can get to work quickly.

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